[Splinterlands] Dominating the New Guild Brawl Format with Chaos Legion Gold Foil Restriction


Hey Guys, its time to give the results of our latest guild brawl this March 3. This is the first brawl where we had the new format, specifically the Chaos Legion only tiers. I'll also show my brawl battles so you can watch it as well. If you want to check my previous post about why you need to join guild brawls, check this link



This is the third time in 2022 that we have been the CHAMPION in the brawl against top teams as well.

Our guild received 28 Crowns as rewards while each of the participating member in our guild received 1292 Merits.

Another Gladius pack coming!!!


I can definitely say that this is the best performance so far from our guild as most of my guildmates dominated their frays. And like I mentioned earlier, it is our 3rd time in this year to be the brawl champion.

After this brawl result, we are now 166th in the guild ranking overall. Below are the list of guild and their current ranks at the moment.

Booty Lickers166
The Misfits352
Yield Guild Brawlers II203
T&A Legion II78
Crypto Clev你的幣圈交流群174
Spirit Animals221
Altcoinerz CZSK REKRUTI772



Both kuyashihito and ruiner7 forgot to fill their frays, luckily we still managed to secure that 1st spot with the help from the rest of the guild members.

And of course, brawl is always a team effort.

Each of us received 1,292 Merits and our guild received 28 Crowns

Booty Lickers Brawl Rewards:

Aside from the merits we get in brawl rewards, our guild leader also gives DEC rewards to the member who gets the most win per Tier.
Tier1: Fray1 - Fray4 = 25 DEC
Tier2: Fray5 - Fray7 = 50 DEC
Tier3: Fray8 - Fray10 = 100 DEC
Tier4: Fray11 - Fray13 = 150 DEC

And these rewards are multiplied based on the guild performance (1st place is x4, 2nd place is x3, 3rd place is x2).

Aside from that, members who are undefeated in they frays gets DEC rewards as well.
For members who are undefeated and the Tier champ will get the same reward on thier tier. While members who are undefeated but are not the tier champ gets half of the reward on their tier.

And here are the results of the latest brawl (03/06/2022):
Guild - 1st place - 28 crowns | 1292 merits
TIER1: @olaf.gui 7 wins | 25 x 4 (1st) = 100 DEC
TIER2: @papar 9 wins | 50 x 4 (1st) = 200 DEC
TIER3: @Jekt 6 wins | 100 x 4 (1st) = 400 DEC
TIER4: @jpleron 6 wins | 150 x 4 (1st) = 600 DEC

Additional rewards on top of Tier rewards:
Undefeated & Tier Champ = Tier prize x 1

And that's not all, @scroff also gives some DEC or cards to those undefeated in their frays.

Does your guild gives you that kind of motivation to perform your best in every brawl? If you haven't found join a guild, I suggest to comment your ign below so we can check your profile just in case we have slots open.


Post Match Analysis

This was the first brawl where the new formats were implemented in the guild brawl. We now have specific frays for Chaos Legion release. I was assigned at Fray12 with only Chaos Legion Gold Foil cards are allowed.

I almost spent 800 DECs in rentals alone for gold foil Chaos Legion cards and additional 100 DECs for my usual grinding deck. By the way, @scroff delegated most of his gold foil chaos legion cards to help me as well. I tried to rent gold foil legendary cards that is why I reached that 800 DECs.

Unfortunately, 3 of my opponent fled in fear after seeing my almost complete gold foil chaos legion cards :D

1. Match against CCTL



Battle ConditionDescription
Rule #1Weak Magic - Magic attacks hit armor before reducing health
Mana Cap32
Allowed SplinterEarth, Life, Water, and Dragon

In this match, Weak Magic ruleset provides the same effect of Void Armor where in Magic damage will damage the monster's armor before inflicting any damage to HP. It negates the advantage of using magic damage penetrating the armor and dealing direct damage to HP. With this, it is better to use monsters with high armor as it can defend both physical (melee and ranged) and magic attacks.

Kelya Frendul provides additional speed and armor to each monsters. The armor will provide additional defense for all types of attacks, including magic because of the ruleset Weak Magic.
Diemonshark has high armor and high HP. This is a good tank for this ruleset as its armor can absorb a lot of damage even from magic. It also has the Trample ability which gives Diemonshark another turn when it killed the target monster on its attack.
Flying Squid is a melee monster with Reach ability that allows it to attack even in the 2nd position. It has high HP and high melee damage as well.
Deeplurker is a melee monster with Opportunity ability that allows it to attack in any position and targets the enemy monster with the lowest HP. Monsters with Opportunity are considered the finisher and is the highest priority in every line-up.
Merdaali Guardian has the Tank Heal ability which is very helpful to support our main tank. Although in this match, Diemonshark did not received any damage to its HP.
Spirit Hoarder has the Triage ability which heals our backline monsters. This is the equivalent of Tank Heal but instead of healing the monster in the first position (Tank), it heals the backline monster that takes the most damage (2nd position to last)
Chaos Agent is a neutral monster with no attack. It has the Dodge ability which helps to evade attacks from melee or range. Chaos Agent can be used as a decoy. I place it on the last position so it can take damage from Sneak, and Opportunity ability since it has low HP.

2. Match against KXLM



Battle ConditionDescription
Rule #1Back to Basics - Monsters lose all abilities
Rule #2Exploding Weaponry - All monsters have the Blast ability
Mana Cap46
Allowed SplinterFire, Earth, Life, Water, Death, and Dragon

With the Back to Basics and Exploding Weaponry ruleset, the probability of using a Magic line-up is very high. Melee monsters can only attack from the first position while Ranged monsters cannot attack from the first position. Only Magic monsters can attack in any position that is why it is recommended to use Magic monster when Back to Basics is in effect. Aside from that, we had the Exploding Weaponry which gives Blast ability to all monsters. Melee and Ranged attacks needs to destroy the armor first in order to provide damage to HP, while Magic attacks can penetrate armor and deal direct damage to HP. So with Blast, it is again highly recommended to use magic monsters.

Given this prediction, I opted to use Thaddius Brood to go for the defensive strategy. I deployed two tanks to absorb the damage from Blast and go with 3 monsters with magic attacks for the offense.

Thaddius Brood reduces the magic damage and health of all opponent monsters. It is good for countering magic line-up and the minus 1 health is very crucial especially with the Blast rule.
Legionnaire Alvar has a high armor and high HP. This is a good tank for this ruleset as its armor can absorb a lot of damage in case monster uses melee or ranged attack monsters. Its high HP is enough to absorb magic damage as well.
Disintegrator also has high HP which is good for absorbing the Blast damage from opponent.
Djinn Muirat is a magic monster with with HP. In case both of my main tank and the pseudo tank gets killed, I have another monster with high HP able to absorb damage from opponents attacks.
Magi Necrosi has a 2 magic damage which is good for the Blast rule. It also has a mediocre HP enough to absorb some damage as well.
Venari Spellsmith is a magic attack monster with low mana requirement.
Dhampir Stalker is a ranged attack monster with high damage. I chose this monster in order to have a little bit of diversification in terms of my attack. In terms of damage, Dhampir Stalker has the highest damage compared with the other monster in my line-up.

3. Match against WILEYZILE


Battle ConditionDescription
Rule #1Earthquake - Non-flying Monsters take 2 melee damage at the end of each round.
Rule #2Lost Legendaries - Legendary monsters may not be used in this battles
Mana Cap24
Allowed SplinterFire, Earth, Water, and Death


With the Earthquake rule, it is recommended to use monsters with Flying ability to avoid the 2 melee damage at the end of each round. We can also use monsters with healing abilities to somehow regen the damage inflicted by earthquake. With Lost Legendaries, we are restricted to use common, rare and epic monsters only. I rented a lot of Legendary monsters for this brawl but it seems we will not be able to use them in this battle.

Obsidian provides additional magic damage to friendly monsters. Although it is countered by the enemy summoner, it is still worth it since I planned to use Earth Splinter as well.
Mycelic Morphoid has the Thorns ability which may deal 2 melee damage when enemy melee monsters attack it.
Mycelic Slipspawn is a magic monster with Taunt ability. This protects my backline monsters from being targeted.
Xenith Monk is a melee monster with Heal ability. Xenith Monk can sustain the damage from Earthquake with its heal.
Regal Peryton is a Flying monster with magic attack. Regal Peryton is my main monster in this battle that is why I used Mycelic Slipspawn to atleast protect my backline monsters with Taunt.
Chaos Agent is a neutral monster with no attack. It has the Dodge ability which helps to evade attacks from melee or range. Chaos Agent can be used as a decoy. I place it on the last position so it can take damage from Sneak, and Opportunity ability since it has low HP.

This is the end of my post analyis. Hopefully, you got something reading this post.
This is a bit short compare with my previous brawl report due to 3 of my opponent fled the match. I prepared for this match hoping to have a good run, but a free win is still a win.

What do you think of the new guild brawl format? Do you miss the Untamed only frays?
Let me know in the comment section.

Till next time!!!


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