Win rate and play rate statistics #2: Bronze 2 and 1


This is the second post in a series concerning the overall win rate of different summoners in Splinterlands. The first post was concerned with the win rates in novice and bronze 3 and can be found here:
Win rate and play rate statistics #1: Novice and Bronze 3

This time, we look at the win rate for ratings between 400 and 1000. For players matching the rating and collection power criteria Splinterlands uses for its leagues, this is the range of Bronze 2 – Bronze 1.

At this point, the collection power required to play ensures that some leveled cards, and cards outside the current free-to-play set, are used. There are also some matches with rule-sets, which has a huge impact on summoner choice and team selection for each match.

So lets get to the data. In contrast to the data shown in the previous post, the number of summoners played somewhat regulary is quite large in this rating range. First, we look at the winning summoners (those with above 50% winrate):


Key takeaways:

  • Bortus and Alric Stormbringer are the only free-to-play summoners that have positive win rates at this rating. Alric has a huge play-rate, which is likely also why Bortus, who generally counters Alric, has such a high win-rate.
  • Scarred Llama Mage, Mylor Crowling, Lorna Shine and Owster Rotwell have mentionable play rates and good or very good win-rates.
  • It is likely that players who use the rarer summoners also have access to a large card collection, which is expected to amplify their win-rates


The summoners that are not free-to-play, but played in this rating range, can also catch players off guard. Make sure to look at your opponents recent matches to scout out these players. If you see that they have Scarred LLama Mage in their recent matches, try to account for that (but you are likely in trouble!).

Losing summoners:

Here we find the remaining free-to-play summoners as well as a few others. In contrast to the statistics for Novice and Bronze 3, Zintar Mortalis and Malric Inferno do not have great win rates in this rating range. However, they are still played a lot. Apparently, the introduction of rulesets is not great for the average Zintar and Malric player. Drake of Arnak hovers just about 50% win-rate.

Key point: Avoid the life summoners and Contessa L'Ament unless you have a very good reason to pick them. (A good reason might be a high-mana match where Shieldbearer can set up a good team, or if you have rented some good life cards.)

Consider the rules
Rulesets hugely affect the value of a given summoner in a specific match. The data shown above clearly indicate that some summoners with specific rule utility have great win-rates, and this is likely because they are picked mostly for a specific ruleset. As an example, check out this post which discusses the Earthquake rule:
Strategycorner with Mammuter #2: Ruleset Earthquake and a GRADING SYSTEM for splinters

Closing remarks
Some summoners were excluded from the above statistics. Those are the ones with less that 0.1% play rate. Information about these summoners is not useful for the common player, as they will not show up in your matches, unless you pick them yourself.

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Best of luck in Splinterlands!


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