Fantastic End of Season Reward Chests


At 10:00 ET this morning I partook in my bi-weekly (or so) ritual of opening my end of season chests. Lately to be honest, they have sucked so I wasn't as hyped as I'd been in the past. But boy oh boy, was I in for a surprise.

I will tell you this much before I show you - the cards I pulled were just ok, nothing great. But the rest of it ... wow!

44 Reward Chests in total:

20220801 5.png
20220801 6.png
20220801 7.png
20220801 8.png
20220801 9.png

Just look at all that DEC and MERITS!!!

In summary:

  • 16 common cards
  • 1 rare card
  • 2 gold foil common cards
  • 1 gold foil rare card
  • 2 Chaos Legion Packs
  • 11 Legendary Potions
  • 34 Alchemy Potions

and now for the real good stuff:

  • 13,024 DEC
  • 7,568 Merits

Unfortunately there was nothing worthwhile in the 2 Chaos Legion Packs, but my Merits went to purchasing Gladius Cases which bolstered my Brawl strength.

Think I'll save most of this DEC in case of a rainy day.

Needless to say, this definitely brightened my morning!

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