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Its a simple ruleset which basically limits the available cards only to even-numbered cards. At first this might seemed a simple ruleset where the one to have more cards with even numbers should gain advantage from any accompanying ruleset that might come. My previous post, the insight on certain mana cards (please refer here 6 mana and 8 mana) has revealed that the 6 mana and 8 mana cards are populated with powerful Tanker type melee cards, since most of the melee cards have huge basic health. So lets continue on and see what we could get from this ruleset!

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Pros & Cons

1. Principally under this ruleset, you will gain advantage if you have more complete of even-numbered cards compared to your opponent.
1. If the battle set an odd mana cap, there's no way to fully utilize this mana cap, and there will always 1 mana short at least.
2. Luckily this ruleset didn't affect Summoner cards, therefor odd-numbered summoner are able to be used.

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Rulesets To Be Watched

There's no certain ruleset which synergize or conflicting with Even Stevens (including Odd Ones Out), because this ruleset only limit the user of certain cards. But it seemed if Even Stevens is in set, other cards limiting ruleset will not come out, for example like Broken Arrows, Keep Your Distance, or Little League

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So here we have the battle experience with Even Stevens as the ruleset.


The is a brawl battle of 18 mana cap, with Tis But Scratches, Even Stevens, and Heavy Hitters ruleset; while only Fire and Death splinter are allowed to be used. For my formation, I used:

PositionCard NameLevelManaHealthArmorSpeedDamage TypeDamage
1st RowAntoid Platoon34422Melee1
2nd RowXenith Monk246-3Melee1
3rd RowOrella Abadon122-3Melee2
4th RowScavo Firebolt244-3Ranged2
5th Row--------
6th Row--------

My opponent formation:

PositionCard NameLevelManaHealthArmorSpeedDamage TypeDamage
SummonerThaddius Brood24-----
1st RowCursed Windeku2610-3Melee2
2nd RowArchne Thug36533Melee3
3rd RowWeirding Warrior122-2Ranged1
4th RowCorpse Fiend101-2Melee1
5th Row--------
6th Row--------

This battle was taken from my brawl battle. With only 18 mana cap, I decided to turn this into quick battle by taking Tarsa allowing the melee buff. The two front-row filled with Tanker cards, which is Antoid Platoon and Xenith Monk. This is my recent effective strategy, by having Antoid Platoon taking the earlier damage and eliminated, and then Xenith Monk step up to take it places. This should allow enough time to break opponent firepower, and then Xenith Monk could offset any minor damage with its Heal. Orella Abadon should be a good replacement for Serpentine Spy to bring down cards quickly. Scavo Firebolt on the last row will support with its arrow volley while sustaining any Sneak attack.

Meanwhile my opponent decided to use Cursed Windeku, an effective counter for my formation. The 2nd row filled with Arachne Thug which later will come as a surprise. Weirding Warrior and Corpse Fiend have more minor roles, more of a cannon fodder cards.


The battle started with Scavo Firebolt which directly hit Cursed Windeku. Orella follow up and blew away Corpse Fiend. But then a perilous event emerge as Cursed Windeku, Arachne Thug, and Wierding Windeku successfully broke down Antoid Platoon armor, not only that, but the Cripple effect chip away Antoid health by each and every hit.

And right before the end of the round, Antoid Platoon strikes out only to be fatally wounded by Thorns. Now both formation are 3 versus 3.


My formation gain the early order on Scavo Firebolt and Orela Abadon. Orela managed to score its 2nd kill at Weirding Warrior, and then exploit Bloodlust for the 2nd time. Cursed Windeku strike into Xenith Monk, and I miscalculated the effect of Cripple because it degrade Xenith Monk maximum health to 5. And its pity that Xenith Monk met its end because of Thorns damage and Arachne Thug strike.


Orella step up and end Cursed Windeku dominance, and claiming the 3rd bloodlust, driving its damage and speed to 6 each. But again even the right momentum of Bloodlust could not save Orella from the powerful blow of Arachne Thug.


By the start of 4th round, the fate is sealed for my formation as Scavo Firebolt left helplessly.



It's pity that the battle has to ended up to my defeat even after I gained the momentum from Bloodlust on Orella Abadon. One thing to underline in this battle, Cripple was actually a game-changing ability. Cripple could triggered even if the attack hit only the armor, and it will automatically deduct single health on the target. This become an Achilles Heels for armored card such as Antoid Platoon. I think I should be more lucky next time if my melee formation isn't face Cursed Windeku and its Thorns ability.


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