Noxious Fumes is the more annoying version of Earthquake ruleset. Rather shake down the armor of the cards, this ruleset directly put damage into the health of the cards. Health become an utmost importance. Even without any offensive effort, a players have chances to win just by surviving the poison effect. Immunity is the only single ability could abolish the poison effect. So let's take a closer look into this ruleset.

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Pros & Cons

1. Noxious Fumes bring a wave of poison to the whole formation. Health become an utmost importance. Basically bring the thickest Tanker into the line and let poison due their job.
1. Sometimes battle can run much faster than expected. A battle running into 3rd round will impacted by 2 (two) poison waves, thats around 4 health damage. Even a fragile formation could capitalize this momentum by striking down weakened opponent before they got flattened.
2. Immunity could nullified the poison effect. Its a quite rare ability owned so far by 13 cards across all Splinter (excluding Gladiator). But in this ruleset only Immunity possessed by Tanker are more important; and there are around 7 cards of them.

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Best Cards To Use

Immunity is the best ability to have under this ruleset. There are some cards with such ability. Forgotten One is great for its large health and its available at Level 1. Harklaw is another card which at least has better endurance (but lower damage) compared to Forgotten One. Other `Tanker` cards (such as Caladuum and Kralus) are selectable but they cost higher amount of mana which make them inflexible for use.



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So here we have the battle experience with Noxious Fumes as the ruleset. Click BATTLE LINK to see how the battle run.


The battle has 36 mana cap, with Noxious Fumes as the rulesets; while only Water, Death, and Dragon Splinters are available for use. For my formation, I used:

PositionCard NameLevelManaHealthArmorSpeedDamage TypeDamage
SummonerKeyla Frendul24-----
1st RowXenith Monk246-3Melee1
2nd RowNerissa Tridawn2910-2Magic3
3rd RowRiverboat Captain164-1Magic2
4th RowVenari Wavesmith153-2Magic1
5th RowMagic Of Chaos165-2Melee2
6th RowIgor Darkspear124-3Ranged1

My opponent formation:

PositionCard NameLevelManaHealthArmorSpeedDamage TypeDamage
SummonerMimosa Nightshade17-----
1st RowCursed Windeku2610-2Melee3
2nd RowArachne Thug36533Melee3
3rd RowSilent Sha-Vi355-4Melee3
4th RowVenari Marksrat132-1Ranged1
5th RowQueen Of Crows2912-2Ranged2
6th RowCorpse Fiend101-2Melee1

This is an unfortunate battle as my formation caught up with the poison effect. My strategy was to capitalize on magic damage and deal direct damage into my opponent cards. But this strategy was countered with Mimosa Nighshade with its Void buff. I picked Xenith Monk for the main Tanker. Nerissa Tridawn follow in the 2nd round as secondary Tanker but also for its 3 magic damage. The rest are magic cards with at least 2 magic damage, except Venari Wavesmith which I choose for its Protect ability. Last but not least are Igor Darkspear to block any Sneak attacks.

My opponent decided to bring Cursed Windeku. Luckily I have minimum melee cards. Arachne Thug follow in the 2nd row. Its a good card with balance on all parameters. Nothing particularly interesting on Silent Sha-Vi as it is a common choice on a Dark Splinter. Venari Marksrat is a genius strategy. Its death will only trigger Martyr ability which boost surrounding cards. Queen of Crows is quite a rare card to use, but I think its a good one since this card possessing "Close Range" to survive. Corpse Fiend was nothing but cannon fodder in the last row.


My formation have their attack focused to the front row. But Void keeping them at bay. Riverboat Captain which I expect to deal Blast damage was numbed because its main damage was reduced to 1. By the end round, Cursed Windeku was stood still with 4 health remaining, meanwhile my formation already lost its Xenith Monk.


The poison wave surge both formation. My formation survived with 5 cards remaining, while my opponent left with 4 cards remaining. But the bad news are still there. Both Silent Sha-Vi and Queen of Crows are now buffed from Martyr effect. As the battle continues Silent Sha-Vi score a kill on Igor Darkspear, but the demise is quickly avenged by Nerissa Tridawn striking down Cursed Windeku. The battle continue with exchange of blows. The hardest one come from Arachne Thug deal a lethal 3 damage into Nerissa, my supposed main Tanker.


The 3rd round open with another poison wave which put a burden into both formation. My formation lost Venari Wavesmith and Riverboat Captain. Meanwhile my opponent only lost its Arachne Thug. But Silent Sha-Vi capitalize its speed to quickly strike down into Nerissa Tridawn. With only Magi Of Chaos left out with 1 health remaining, the chances for victory is almost none.


The 4th round sealed the battle with the last poison surge put demise into my Magi Of Chaos.

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I believe I had chances to win this battle. The 2 (two) main things which hinder my effort was coming from the Void buff and the Martyr effect. The Void buff from Mimosa Nightshade really numb off my total damage output, which slow down my offense to quickly bring down the Tanker. The Martyr effect from Venari Marksrat. The effect really buffed up Silent Sha-Vi and Queen Of Crows. This effect combined with my low offense attempt resulting in those cards able to strike uninterrupted for longer round. Lastly my decision to position Nerissa Tridawn in the 2nd round caused it to receive double damage from both direct attack and poison effect.


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