Odd Ones Out simply limit the use of cards to ones with odd mana value (only monster cards and does not include summoner cards). There doesn't seemed to be much difference between odd cards with even cards. You could clearly see in the figure below that both cluster have very similar number and composition. In my opinion there seemed to be more number of odd mana cards compared to the others. But particularly odd mana cards does have more number of ranged cards, which clearly shown in the 5 mana and 7 mana groups, compared to the rest. From my previous post on mana analysis (link here), the 5 mana cards gained a great jump in term of health and damage compared to 4 mana cards. In addition ranged gained extra benefit from the variety of abilities.


Pros & Cons.gif

Pros & Cons

1. There are particular benefit from using odd mana cards compared to the even ones. The only minor benefit is we could maximize mana cap when whether the mana cap is even or odd; because 1 mana cards could be used under this ruleset. In the other side, Even Steven ruleset will always left a leftover mana with odd mana cap.
1. The only weakness of this ruleset come when the battle set in a low mana cap. There are few number of cards with 1 mana and 3 mana value; which could limit the deployable cards.

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Best Cards To Use.gif

Best Cards To Use

Odd mana cards have some of the most unique cards. Take for example the currently trending Martyr ability. It almost entirely possessed by odd mana cards (Firecaller, Noa The Just, Fungus Flinger, and Venari Marksrat). Peculiarly Weapons Training ability which also come out with Martyr, was possessed mostly by even mana cards (Ferexian Hero, Ava The Undaunted, Aves Sturgis, Berix Snakeye).

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Watch Battle.png


So here we have the battle experience with Odd Ones Out as the ruleset. Click BATTLE LINK to see how the battle run.


The battle has 36 mana cap, with Odd Ones Out as the rulesets; while only Water and Dragon Splinters are excluded for use. For my formation, I used:

PositionCard NameLevelManaHealthArmorSpeedDamage TypeDamage
1st RowRadiated Scorcher312-2Melee1
2nd RowGrum Flameblade1111051Melee4
3rd RowTenyii Striker256-3Melee2
4th RowBlood Maker354-4Ranged2
5th RowAsh Mirage377-5Ranged2
6th Row--------

My opponent formation:

PositionCard NameLevelManaHealthArmorSpeedDamage TypeDamage
1st RowLiving Lava17621Melee3
2nd RowRadiated Brute356-2Melee2
3rd RowTenyii Striker156-2Melee2
4th RowSerpentine Spy131-3Melee2
5th RowDjinn Apprentice154-2Magic2
6th RowFire Elemental152-4Ranged2

I always find Fire Splinter as my favorite selection for odd mana cards. They have Tenyii Striker, Radiated Brute, and Djinn Apprentice (which I named 3 (three) generals of Fire). I decided to put concentrated formation which spear-headed by Grum Flameblade. Radiated Scorcher take the front row as cannon fodder. Behind Grum, there is Tenyii Striker to flank from the rear. Next I put Blood Maker and Ash Mirage in the rear to support with their volley fire. I have to agree that this is not the most efficient formation since I less utilize Tarsa's buff effect.

My opponent decided to go with a Living Lava, a huge blow to my formation which employs only melee and ranged cards. And then the 3 (three) generals fill in the formation. Radiated Brute and Tenyii Striker follow in. Serpentine Spy is powerful "Striker" which sometime too risky with only 1 health. The last 2 rows consist of Djinn Apprentice and Fire Elemental, both possess 2 damage which powerful enough to rain the damage.


The round started with a big score for my formation which score a kill on Fire Elemental. But the death was quickly avenged with a kill into Radiated Scorcher. Lucky for it play roles as cannon fodder. By the end of the round, both formation stood in a very firm conditions. But my Grum Flameblade might have lost a lot with only 7 health remaining to run into the 2nd round.


The damage buff effect of Tarsa is a real deal. Both Radiated Brute and Living Lava pile up a total 7 damage to break Grum Flameblade will. And so Living Lava bring the crushing blow by sending Living Lava into its demise.


Blood Maker started to show its aptitude by throwing a arrow right into Serpentine Spy. Tenyii Striker exact its revenge on Living Lava, sending Radiated Brute to step up to the front row. I managed to equalize my formation to my opponent. But the combined assault wave of my opponent put burden into my formation.


The swiftness of Blood Maker and Ash Mirage always put my formation on the top of the game. I was above the winds once again when Tenyii Striker blow away Radiated Brute, thus bringing the handicap to 1 against 3. But the killing blow into my Tenyii Striker lit off my hope. Now I have to hinge solely to Blood Maker as my Tanker


I have very slim chances with Blood Maker must avoid any attack from Tenyii Striker. The 5th round run through with Tenyii missed its attack and Ash Mirage hit its arrow into Tenyii. Ash Mirage make another hit at the start of 6th round leaving Tenyii with 1 health remaining. Unfortunately Blood Maker was caught in wrong maneuver and got strike down by Tenyii. With no Tanker anymore, I have submit myself to my opponent.

3 line Grey.png



I think I had a good chances with victory almost within my grasp. I was unfortunate enough to lose my `Tanker` and exposed my ranged cards to open attacks. I felt I did a good deployment by having several high speed cards to steal initiative at the start of the round.


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