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The pixies are communal creature. Similar to bees, they live and travel in flock. But the small stature of the pixies doesn't implies this creature would crumbling down in single swat. These creatures would run angry creating annoying buzz which distract their invader. And in those moments they will use the chances to prey on them.

Bramble Pixie is one of the most potent Tanker card for the medium mana card of Earth Splinter. At start, Bramble Pixie might a little bit difficult to be used due to its low speed aspect. But as a Normal type card, Bramble Pixie gains a lot progression steps which later unlock its potential to be a powerful Tanker. So we will unfold the secret of Bramble Pixie.

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Pros & Cons

1. Bramble Pixie started with higher than average melee damage (3 damage) compared to the rest - which mostly at 2 damage. But beyond that, the addition of Reach ability open a greater opportunity for Bramble Pixie to deal extended damage by cowering in the 2nd row.1. Low speed is the primary weakness of this card which will frustrates the accuracy of each attacks.
2. Heal is a rare and potent ability for Tanker card. Each Splinter only few cards possessing Heal as their ability. For Bramble Pixie, Heal combined with a 10 health will draw for a total of 3 health recovered each round.
*Reference for Archetype term : Striker --> Superior Damage / Tanker --> Superior Health / Ninja --> Superior Speed / Support --> A Lot Number of Abilities.

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Market Price Analysis.gif

Market Price Analysis




Bramble Pixie's price seemed to have moved sideway for several weeks, but accompanied with several short price jump. The current price for regular foil stood at $0.18. Gold foil have more starks figure. The gold foil have experiencing price jump in the past 3 weeks which gradually declining. Its more difficult to determine the exact median price for gold foil, but the current price stood at $2.22. We might still see a further fall on gold foil price.

Based on the total bcx needed to reached max level, a total $72.00 will be required to reach regular foil max level; and a total $84.36 will be required to reach gold foil max level. This discrepancy is quite close, which means if there's no further decrease in the regular foil price, there might be a chances for the gold foil price to rebound.

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Progression Analysis.gif

Progression Analysis


Bramble Pixie have limited number of abilities whereby its progression steps are maximized on the parameter. Growth are quite balanced, but the primary focus comes to the speed parameter. Running until Level 4, Bramble Pixie will gain a single growth for each, health, speed, and damage. Level 5 bring additional growth on speed.

Level 6 take a great leap by substituting a health drawback for a Heal ability. Its a great exchange since Heal at this point have potential to recover 2 health each round. Level 7 bring not only bring additional health growth but also leverage the Heal potential into 3 health each round. The last 3 level grant equal growth for each parameter. The combination of damage and speed growth on the last 2 level will bring Bramble Pixie into more deadly Striker card.

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Rulesets To Be Watched.gif

Rulesets To Be Watched

image.pngThe only adversity of Bramble Pixie is its low speed which could jeopardize the accuracy of attack. This is true at least until the card reached Level 5. Aim True should favor Bramble Pixie in the Bronze and Silver League.
image.pngStriped out of Reach and Heal will be a major disadvantage for Bramble Pixie. With the low health, Bramble Pixie will susceptible to any attack before it deliver a sufficient damage output.
image.pngimage.pngConsidering the high damage output of this card, its a good strategy to put the cards in more covered position while continue dealing damage.

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Here's one of my battle experience with Septic Slime in my formation. Click BATTLE LINK to see how the battle run.


The battle has 35 mana cap, with Equal Opportunity ruleset, and all Splinter faction are available except for Life Splinter and Dragon Splinter. For my formation, I used:

PositionCard NameLevelManaHealthArmorSpeedAttack TypeDamage
SummonerLobb Lowland26-----
1st RowHill Giant337-1Melee2
2nd RowBramble Pixie178-1Melee3
3rd RowFungus Flinger334-1Ranged1
4th RowQuora Towershead11011-3Melee/Magic2/2
5th RowVenari Marksrat132-1Ranged1
6th RowDjinn Biljka132-1Magic1

My opponent formation:

PositionCard NameLevelManaHealthArmorSpeedAttack TypeDamage
SummonerKelya Frendul14-----
1st RowDjinn Oshannus1810-5Magic2
2nd RowRiverboat Captain264-2Magic2
3rd RowCoastal Sentry210623Melee3
4th RowDemented Shark36613Melee2
5th RowHardy Stonefish21111Melee1
6th Row--------

In this battle, I used my "Martyr" formation to trap my opponent. This formation utilize a single powerful cards, which is Quora Towershead in this case, to spearhead the battle. Adjacent to it are Venari Marksrat and Fungus Flinger with Martyr ability, where they play as sacrificial lamb to boost Quora Towershead. This formation is quite popular with Equal Opportunity ruleset (and also Born Again ruleset), since their low health will be the first target with any Opportunity attack. Of course to deploy Quora, I have to pay extra cost by deploying 6 mana Lobb Lowland. I put 2 powerful Tanker, Hill Giant and Bramble Pixie, just to hold the line while Quora build its damage from Bloodlust. Djinn Bjilka is place as leftover mana, which useful for its Camouflage ability.

Across the side, my opponent decided to go with a 5 cards formation. Its always more risky to sacrifice quantity to get higher mana cards. Their formation is quite standard, with Djinn Oshannus will fend off any magic damage, followed up by Riverboat Captain? It seemed a bit reckless to put Riverboat Captain as secondary Tanker, then again this card is a bit less compared to like Fire Elemental which also possessed Blast while costing only 5 mana. Coastal Sentry was a great choice, its like having 2 Deeplurker at once while costing only 10 mana. Demented Shark on the 4th row seemed used to block of any Sneak attack rather than deal serious damage; but Having Inspire might change the course of battle as long Coastal Sentry could survive long enough. And finally Hardy Stonefish which will be a cannon fodder so far. For real this formation only deployed 4 cards rather than 5 cards.


First blood is already drawn with Quora casting spell into Hardy Stonefish. And more blood spilled on my side with Coastal Sentry and Demented Shark eliminate Fungus Flinger and Venari Marksrat. And the round closed with Riverboat Captain blast away Hill Giant. At this point I already down to 3 cards (while having less total mana) against 4 cards.


My formation equalize the battle by striking into Riverboat Captain and crushed Coastal Sentry main armor. But an avalanche of retaliation quickly dissipate my Bramble Pixie before its able to act. Its now back to 2 cards against 3 cards.


Quora Towershead open the battle striking into Djinn Oshannus in hope to bring it down, but ended leaving it with 1 health remaining. The avalanche of attack from Djinn, Shark, and Sentry is truly a menace dealing 9 damage into Quora. Lucky for me to have Djinn Biljka which put the final blow into Djinn Oshannus.


The end of battle is near. And when Coastal Sentry now step up into the front row, there's clearly a great mismatch for Coastal Sentry to face Quora Towershead which already bestowed with buff up to 4 times. And its proven, with a single blow Quora managed to bring down Coastal Sentry for goods. It almost eliminated Demented Shark in subsequent act, but lucky for it to have an armor.


So at the start of Round 5, its clear that the path of victory is upon me.

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Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

In this battle Bramble Pixie have a more minor role of destroying Djinn Oshannus's armor. Its pity Bramble Pixie got eliminated on the 2nd round. But the high health have proven useful to hold up the line and give enough time for Quora to build up its power. At the end of Round 2 Quora Towershead was left untouched and able to collect buff up to 4 times.

Do you like BRAMBLE PIXIE? Why or why not?

I'm still feel optimistic with the use case of Bramble Pixie. It should show superior performance in other battle, especially where the main Tanker was tough enough to hold the line. My least expectation for Bramble Pixie was it should have survived at least 3 round and able to act 3 times.


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