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Silent Sha-Vi is your easy-to-go cards for Death Splinter. Silent Sha-Vi run swiftly, deal massive blow, and able to flank using Sneak. Its a low cost cards and a common cards from Chaos Legion editions. So without further ado, let's take a deep look into it.

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Pros & Cons.gif

Pros & Cons

1. A combination of high speed, medium damage, and Sneak ability turns this card into slick killer against your opponent back-row.1. Other than its strong parameter, Silent Sha-Vi gained abilities are rather less useful. Cripple are rather useless since Silent Sha-Vi main purpose is to deal direct damage and make quick kill. Piercing could prove useful when opponent bring Protect for armor buf; but still in ordinary battle theres small chances to face back-row with armor traits. Even so there's also few chances for attacks to deal leftover damage.
2. Usually Common type cards with low mana cost will have several setbacks on their growth; but Silent Sha-Vi gained consistent growth entirely without any setbacks.2. .
*Reference for Archetype term : Striker --> Superior Damage / Tanker --> Superior Health / Ninja --> Superior Speed / Support --> A Lot Number of Abilities.

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Market Price Analysis.gif

Market Price Analysis




Silent Sha-Vi price have been in a great fluctuation for the past few months. Regular foil seemed to face greater deviation compared to the gold foil. The card have reached its highest price at $0.80, and face a downfall, continued by a price jump around 2 months before. Currently thhe regular foil have hit the bottom low price at $0.029. This in accord with the great price surge in the past week. The gold foil keep a stable price at $0.40 to $0.45. Still if compared to other common cards in the Chaos Legion and Rewards editions, the price of this card ranked much higher than the rest.

By calculating the total bcx needed to reached maximum level, the regular foil will need $0.029 x 400 = $5.90, while the gold foil will need 38 x $0.45 = $17.10. My opinion this is quite a bargain considering other cards could have discrepancies of gold price up to 4 times to 10 times of the regular price. But still other cards have much better discrepancies, for example Bramble Pixie (which I reviewed in my previous post).

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Progression Analysis.gif

Progression Analysis


Silent Sha-Vi has advantage from progression uninterrupted by any setbacks. The early progression shows rotating growth between speed, damage, and health. Both speed and damage are the utmost importance as it propels Silent Sha-Vi into stronger killer. The 5th levels provides additional speed growth. Midway to the final level, Silent Sha-Vi will gain Cripple as new ability. This ability looks minor but have its own uses against armored card. Cripple could help chipped the health slowly while Silent Sha-Vi broke down the armor.

Level 7 through 9 provides additional rotating growth from health, speed, and damage. At this point Silent Sha-Vi grow into not only a powerful Striker but also swift Tanker by utilizing its high speed for evasion. Final level grant the final ability, Piercing. This ability seemed too expensive considering its position in the final level, but with less activation since it will only trigger when there's a leftover right when breaking away armor. Only when opponents bring cards with Repair that this ability might have frequent activation, but still its very rare for Repair to work into the back-row cards.

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Rulesets To Be Watched.gif

Rulesets To Be Watched

image.pngSilent Sha-Vi will have a great advantage under this ruleset only once it gained Cripple and Piercing ability.
image.pngimage.pngUnder Fog Of War ruleset, we might as well put aside Silent Sha-Vi, since it will be useful only in front-row, and there're much stronger Tanker for this position. So does with Super Sneak, it much better to use other pure Striker cards to broke down the back-row
image.pngWith speed of 4 and able to growth to 6, Silent Sha-Vi could be considered as the swift type card and therefor would be at great disadvantage by this ruleset.

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Here's one of my battle experience with Silent Sha-Vi in my formation. Click BATTLE LINK to see how the battle run.


The battle has 35 mana cap, with Ferocity ruleset, and only Water Splinter faction are excluded.

Since my opponent shows a battle history of Earth Splinter, I've anticipated that they will deploy a dominant magic formation. Thus I decided to counter with a Death Splinter and Void using Bone Golem. Bone Golem is followed up Arachne Thug which should deal support damage through Reach. Riftwing follow up in the 3rd row as backup Tanker. This should be the optimal position for Riftwing to utilize the Scavenger ability. The back-row squad are maximized for damage-dealer. Soul Strangler and Grim Reaper will be the main artillery, and Silent Sha-Vi took the last row to protect while deal ambush through Sneak attack.

My opponent decided to put a concentrated formation. Their tip of the spear come from Quora Towershead enveloped by Venari Marksrat and Fungus Flinger. Its a typical formation to utilize the most Martyr effect for Quora. Unfortunately without Sneak or Snipe ability, there's small chances Fungus Flinger would be targeted in this battle. Goblin Psychic with its Heal could double heal Quora and mitigate any major damage during a round. But having Goblin in the last row pose a risk of being backdoored by any Sneak attack.


Thaddius Brood and its magic debuff numb the magic damage of Quora and Goblin Psychic. Both cards damage are then nullified by Bone Golem Void ability. Instead Bone Golem receive small damage from both Venari Marksrat and Fungus Flinger. With higher speed, my formation gained initiatives to deal early damage into Hill Giant and Goblin Psychic. But Hill Giant managed to get healed by Goblin Psychic only later to be eliminated by Bone Golem and Grim Reaper.


My formation gained the upper-hand again with a double kill at the starting of 2nd round. Both Goblin Psychic and Venari Marksrat gone for good. But with this Quora gained the Martyr effect and propel its damage. Fortunately all my remaining cards managed to hit their attacks into Quora, dealing a total of 8 damage.


Starting with only 4 health remaining, Quora heal itself with 4 health. Quora followed up with a blow into Bone Golem which still insufficient to bring it down for good. Bone Golem survived with 1 health remaining when Fungus Flinger deliver it 1 damage into it. The growing speed of Quora is worrisome, since it got potential to jeopardize my formation accuracy. A total of 7 damage land into Quora, leaving it with 1 health remaining. Only Grim Reaper missed its attack on Quora.


Quora open the round with a Heal and recover to 5 health. The follow up damage put an end to Bone Golem for good. With this Quora regained another buff from Bloodlust effect. Silent Sha-Vi deliver a killing blow into Fungus Flinger only to worsen the situation. With a 7 health and 6 speed this round become a breaking point, where further kill from Quora would render it almost invulnerable. But lady luck come into play as Arachne Thug, Soul Strangler, and Grim Reaper, all lands it blow into Quora and end it for good. Thus ending this battle.

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Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

I think my strategy did run smoothly. Silent Sha-Vi with its Sneak attack single-handedly score a total of 3 kills into the back-row. It crumble down my opponent supporting cards. But still the danger lies as Quora slowly gained its 3rd buff. If the battle did not end in the 4th round, I predict it will be spiralling downward after that.

Do you like SILENT SHA-VI? Why or why not?

There's nothing more satisfying than having 3 melee damage with Sneak for just 5 mana cost. Its an efficient damage-to-mana ratio. In addition with a 6 health, Silent Sha-Vi at the least could withstand 2 to 3 damage before it falling down. In addition Silent Sha-Vi could be considered one of the most balanced cards with mid mana cost compared to other cards with Sneak ability


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