Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge - Close Range Ruleset

Hello Splinterlands friends, it's an exciting new week but I'm rounding off my last week with a Splinterlands battle report which also fits in as my entry for Splinterlands' Weekly Battle Challenge. I finally was able to draw the rule-set for the Battle Mage Secrets. In's really interesting playing 20 to 30 battles daily to be able to draw out the given ruleset for the week. For this week, it's Close Range.

Here is my Battle report with the Close range battle ruleset.

Close Range Ruleset allows monsters with range attacks to attack in the first position. Ordinarily, monsters with range attack do not attack when they get to the first position of the battle, but this ruleset, changes the narrative. Some range attack monsters have the Close Range ability which also makes them operate in the definitions of the Close range ruleset but just for themselves.

The limitation of range attack monsters attacking from the first position has made me not to be a fan of range attack monsters. It's always hurting to see that in a battle you were advantage, you only watch to see the enemy damage your monster that stands helplessly.

When I drew this ruleset, I had some better cards with water elements that were not ranged attack monsters, I rather settled with melee and magic attack monsters. My choice of magic and melee attack monsters for the battle was because I knew the enemy monsters would field range attack monsters.

My strategy was therefore to see how magic and melee attack monsters could be advantageous to ranged attack monsters with close range ability. The enemy team fielded 3 range attack monsters including the dreadful PELACOR ARBALEST with double strike ability. Let's see my line-up for the battle.

My Battle Experience with Close Range Ruleset

My Battle Line-up
First Monster Unit: SERPENT OF ELD (Abilities: Dodge) Good to lead battle with high speed and melee attack.
Second Monster Unit: PHANTOM OF THE ABYSS (Abilities: Flying and Dodge) Strong magic attack and high health.
Third Monster Unit: MERDAALI GUARDIAN (Abilities: Tank Heal) Good support system for lead monster to replenish health each round.
Fourth Monster Unit: BAAKJIRA (Abilities: Void and Slow) - This monster crumbled the enemy's team's speed and gave my team advantage..
Last Monster Unit: DEEPLURKER(Abilities: Opportunity) - Good attack support from the rear
Combat Rule: Close Range: Monsters with ranged attacks are allowed to attack in the first position.
Battle link:

A view of the battlefield above shows that the enemy's summoner had added +1 range attacks to all its range attack monsters. My summoner on the other hand added +1 speed and +1 armor to all of my monsters. It was a fierce fight which lasted for 6 rounds.

Sincerely, the enemy team with 3 range attack monsters had a field day and launched quite more attacks than my team. In the first round, they successfully destroyed my lead monster with range attacks.

However, when my second monster mounted the first line of battle, the story changed. My second monster, PHANTOM OF THE ABYSS, has the dodge and flying abilities it saved the day by missing several of the attacks.

At the third round, the enemy's ranged attack monster - SUPPLY RUNNER made it to the first line of the battle but had no successful hit on my lead monster.

it was surprising to see that all attacks from range attack monsters were missed by PHANTOM OF THE ABYSS. I mean all of it. Not one successful range attack happened, even at the first line of battle with the Close range ruleset.

My team won the battle with 4 monsters still standing. From the fight, I discovered that range attack monsters could not attack monsters in the second line. This is a limitation to the success of a team especially when the lead monster has such ability as PHANTOM OF THE ABYSS that misses all the shots.

Despite the Close range ruleset, a good combination or melee and magic attack monsters would always defeat range attack monsters like in the case of my battle. The experience in the battle teaches me that despite having a ruleset that favours or give advantage to a particular monster, one must keep a balanced rack except in a case where other monsters cannot be used.

It was a good and flawless win for my team .


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Thank you again to all the creators and developers on Hive. Thank you all my teachers here on Hive. Thank you for those who mark my scripts with their upvotes. I am happy to see that I am growing in understanding this environment, but more interesting is that I am paid to to learn on hive.

Thank you all, I love you.

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