Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge - Counterspell Ruleset

Hello Splinterlands friends, welcome to another great week in the Hive universe. After reading the Splinterlands' Townhall update, I am certain that the better days are nearer than we first knew. I'm glad I could still make it to draw a battle ruleset which fits in as my entry for Splinterlands' Weekly Battle Challenge. Getting to have a "Counterspell" battle was not an easy task. It's just the only one I've had in a whole 7 days of fight.


Here is my Battle report with the Counterspell battle ruleset.

Counterspell Ruleset allows all monsters to receive the Magic Reflect ability at the start of the battle. That means, enemy monsters that attack with magic receive damage back. In Counterspell ruleset, the damage returned is equal to the damage of the attacker divided by 2, rounded up. Also, Magic monsters with the Reflection Shield ability do not take damage from reflected magic attacks. The Amplify ability increases damage.

This is one ruleset that disarms me from going for my favourite magic monsters. It serves just like the thorn ability in monsters that return damage to melee attack monsters.

Counterspell is just a very complex battle rulesets that affects many other rules of the splinterlands battle. For me, a magic attack monster is not an option for the battle, except it has a Shield ability. I am also careful not to choose a monster with an amplify ability which would lead to amplifying damage.

I resorted to choose mostly melee monsters and added a range attack monster that I perceive has some great strength. I however added one magic attack monster which had a special ability I thought could give my team n advantage despite the battle ruleset.

Let's get in to see how the battle turned out.

My Battle Experience with Counterspell Ruleset

My Battle Line-up
First Monster Unit: CHAOS KNIGHT (Abilities: Shield) reduced damage from melee and ranged attack, good armor count. Good to lead battle with especially when every other monster has the magic reflect ability.
Second Monster Unit: LUMINOUS EAGLE (Abilities: Reach and Flying) Strong melee attack from the second position.
Third Monster Unit: TIME MAGE (Abilities: Slow) Good support system for all friendly attacking monsters as it reduces the speed of all enemy monsters.
Fourth Monster Unit: PELACOR ARBALEST (Abilities: Double strike) - This is my best monster with ranged attack. It's job was to give multiple attack to the enemies to reduce their health.
Fifth Monster Unit: SHIELD BEARER (Abilities: Taunt) - A distraction to enemy monsters so my key monsters can do attack in peace.
Last Monster Unit: GARGOYA SCRAPPER (Abilities: None) - Gust to complete the manna cap count.
Combat Rule: Counterspell: All monsters receive the Magic Reflect ability at the start of the battle. That means, enemy monsters that attack with magic receive damage back.
Battle link:

Looking at the battlefield above, that the enemy's summoner had added +1 speed and +1 armor to all its monsters. My summoner, General Sloan, added only +1 Range attack to just one of the Six monsters I used in the battle. I think this is where my strategy was faulty. My selection of the range attack enhancing monster was wrong especially as there was only one rage attack monster in my team and that was PELACOR ARBALEST with double strike ability. I can say that my summoner had no influence in the whole fight.

Everything was fine and the combat was even through the first round until the second round when my monsters started going down. Sad, I lost TIME MAGE at the end of the second round and the enemy monsters had advantage with their speed.

All of my monster's attack efforts were faulted by the enemy's SCAVO HIRELING and MERDAALI GUARDIAN with repair and Tank heal abilities. They kept replenishing the health and armor of their lead monster and my attacking effort was not strong enough to dislodge it.

My attack was weak except for the range attack monster which was killed at the fourth round. None of my melee attack monsters were able to create some significant attacks. I would say, it was rather a defensive fight on my side.

I lost the battle to my opponent but there were many things to learn. The enemy team had a strong support system in the monsters with Tank heal and repair abilities which kept their lead monster in position through out the fight.

If I have the opportunity to battle with COunterspell ruleset, Iwould definitely have to change my strategy.

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Thank you again to all the creators and developers on Hive. Thank you all my teachers here on Hive. Thank you for those who mark my scripts with their upvotes. I am happy to see that I am growing in understanding this environment, but more interesting is that I am paid to to learn on hive.

Thank you all, I love you.

I am @kingswill. Let's meet and greet.

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