Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge - Earthquake Ruleset


Hi Splinterlands friends, I am happy to be alive and sharing with you again this week. The weekend was a very tasking one for me with farm work and heavy chores. Glad I made it through all of that. I had to play splinterlands for several days before I could draw this battle that firs for my submission for Splinterlands' Weekly Battle Challenge with Earthquake Ruleset. It seems that it gets more difficult to draw battles after the ruleset is annhnced. Thank God, I was finally able to have this Earthquake ruleset battle.

Here is my Battle report with the Earthquake ruleset.

Earthquake Ruleset allows all non-flying units to take 2 physical damage at the end of every turn. That is, at the end of each round, all monsters alive in the fight that are non-flying monsters would receive damages that destroys either 2 armor or 2 health. This ruleset makes the flying monsters more powerful and those monsters should be careful selected for the battle. Already, flying monsters have the increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability.

There are exceptions to the damages done to the non-flying Monsters. That only applies to Monsters that have the shield ability. They will only take 1 damage since the "Earthquake" induced damage is physical.

When I drew this ruleset, I carefully selected Four (4) monsters - 1 Melee, two magic and 1 ranged attack monsters. Two of the remaining monsters added up to help the team reach the 32 manna cap battle demand. My choice of the 2 non-flying monsters was that one was an opportunist that strikes from the rear and the other was a non-attack monster with tank heal ability.

In my strategy, I did spread the flying monsters through the battle line. With a magic attack monster at the front, I was hopeful that the armor added from the summoner used would help shield the first monster from damaged being that it had the flying and dodge abilities. The few non-flying monsters had super abilities that would help the battle to a win. Let's see my line-up for the battle.

My Battle Experience with Earthquake Ruleset

My Battle Line-up
First Monster Unit: PHANTOM OF THE ABYSS (Abilities: Flying and Dodge) Strong magic attack and high health.
Second Monster Unit: PELACOR BANDIT (Abilities: Sneak, Flying) Good for ruleset and attacks from second line.
Third Monster Unit: ICE PIXIE (Abilities: Flying) Based on battle ruleset, it was suiting with its magic attack ability.
Fourth Monster Unit: MERDAALI GUARDIAN (Abilities: Tank Heal) Good support system for lead monster to replenish health each round.
Fifth Monster Unit: DEEPLURKER (Abilities: Opportunity) - Good attack support from the rear
Last Monster Unit: TOWER GRIFFIN (Abilities: Flying) - Can attack from second line as a range attack monster, plus flying ability.
Combat Rule: Earthquake: All non-flying units take 2 physical damage at the end of every turn.
Battle link:

Below are screenshots of the battle.

At the end of the first round, the enemy team had lost 2 monsters and left with just 2. One with the void ability and the other with flying ability. I was confident for a win for my team at this point but it turned out different.

By the end of the second round, I lost a key backup for my team - MERDAALI GUARDIAN to earthquake damage. This made my monster at the first line vulnerable for more attacks.

The battle lasted for 5 rounds and my team suffered a last minute wreck from earthquake damage and we lost. My last monster was a ranged attack monster and couldn't attack at the first position of the battle. It was hurting to watch it being killed.

It was an unexpected loss for my team, but the Earthquake ruleset made it possible. Two of my monsters with 1 health each were destroyed since they were non-flying.

For me, the strategy was bad, just that the earthquake ruleset helped to suck out health from my team. Incidentally, the enemy team had just one fluing monster.

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