Apparently, I'm in Gold 1 now


Apparently, I'm in Gold 1 now.

Since the season will end and I can't seem to get in the leaderboards, (stuck at 2500-2700 rating and needs at least 3000 rating), I decided to rank up. For some reason, my weak-ass line up keeps winning.

With this result, I probably would start doing gold grinds starting next season. One major reason why I don't want to rank up on Gold is because the rental for level 8 commons, and other higher than silver capped monsters are too high, like double the amount of what I'm renting now.

But, with these results, I might be able to grind gold with max capped silver only, meaning level 5 commons, level 4 rares, level 3 epics, and level 2 legendaries instead of Gold capped levels, level 8 commons, level 6 rares, level 5 epics and level 3 legendaries.

I'll try gold grinds for a month (2 seasons) and see if it would be better. If not, I'll go back to silver.

Just some thoughts for this morning.