Opening 101 Boxes from End of Season Rewards

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During this season, I climbed from Bronze to Gold league netting around 101 chest by the end of season and we're going to check it together.

A bit of background, for the first week, I was planning to do the Bronze grinding throughout the season. If you've been following me, you know what happened. If not, check out my previous posts, not the share your battle ones.

Because of the concern, I tried giving Silver league a second time before the end of the first week. From then, I grinded Silver trying to get to the top leaderboards. A day before the end of season, around day 13 or 14, I saw that I'm at 2300 rating and I need 3000 rating minimum and realized that I won't make it so I decided to climb to gold at the last minute.

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Since the higher leagues give higher focus point, required to get chests, my rewards blew up to 101 and we'll see what I got from the past 2 weeks of grinding.

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Rewards Loot Opening

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For the first 15 loots, nothing fancy. I got a couple of commons and rares and that's about it. On to the next part.

Part 2.PNG

This is an amazing pull. I was planning to get my hands on Revealer because I want more Immunity effects which unlocks at level 4. Immunity negates any status effects which is helpful on Noxious Fumes rule of combat or what I call, "All poisoned rule." By the name states, on Noxious Fumes, all monsters on the field starts with poisoned state taking 2 damage per round.

Revealer is amazing card for this rule set because he gets free from the poisoned state.

part 3.PNG

My luck increased on this one even netting a Gold Vampire Bat. While I don't use Vampire Bat, this would still be good on Earthqueake rules of combat for having Flying ability negating the damage per round taken on that rule of combat.

Also, I've heard that Vampire Bat will be removed on rewards even if the card cap isn't maxed yet meaning by the end of this month, the only way to get Vampire Bat is from packs or on marketplace which will bump the price of this card in the future.

part 4.PNG

Bunch of rares on this one and the bet is Venari Seedsmith. I want to make a Scavenger team and he's one of my top picks. Scavenger increases his max health for every monster died from either side. That means, during each game, he can get a maximum of 13 additional health if positioned correctly.

part 5.PNG

A bunch of potions for this group. I saw Vulguine's scavenger but I'm not sure if Life Scavenger build is good and we may check that in the future.

part 6.PNG

My luck seems to run out and just kept getting non-cards.

part 7.PNG

For the last group, still another flop which ends my 101 loot reveal.


EoS all.PNG

To summarize, below is a screenshot from @peakmonsters which shows what I got for the End of Season Rewards.

Because of the gold Vampire Bat, Revealer and Venari Seedsmith, I would say this one is a great pull for a Bronze end of season. Since I ended up Gold this season, we shall see if my Gold pulls are good or not by the end of the season.

All photos are from my Splinterlands and Peakmonsters account.

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Congrats on your boxes! Great that you were able to find some Epic and Legendary ones. All the best on your next season!


Thank you very much. Unfortunately no legendaries but I got a gold foil common card so I'm quite pleased on that unboxing. Hope I can get to leaderboards this season so I have another interesting story to share. !LUV !PIZZA


Oh, I thought I saw Legendary there (potion, lol)! Good luck to you as you play further.