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The ocean is a dangerous place. There's danger every corner and there's no place to run or hide once you've been backed to a corner. This is especially true in Splinterlands. The water can be both your enemy and your friend. By only knowing what and when to use the appropriate monsters can lead you to victory.


Terrifying to behold, Deeplurkers are a poisonous fish that dwell at the bottom of the ocean and prey on the weak. However, they are known to travel to the surface in times of dire need. Many believe that they are sensitive to the balance of elemental water magic and, when that balance is in danger, the Deeplurkers rise to attack or defend it.
The Kulu Swimhunters swam just below the surface of the water, following the Praetorian fishing vessel. When it lowered its sails and came to a halt, they would strike.

Movement from the depths below caught the eye of one Swimhunter. He turned his tentacled head to peer down. Something large rose toward them. Before he could call out a warning, a massive Deeplurker swam into their midst in a churn of frothing water.

Its grotesque tongue lolled as the enormous fish seized the smallest Swimhunter by the waist, teeth tearing into rubbery flesh. Another churn of water, and the Deeplurker descended into darkness with its prey.

The remaining Kulu Swimhunters scattered, fleeing in all directions, and the Praetorian fishing vessel sailed on, blissfully unaware of how close its crew had come to their demise

Photo from my Splinterlands account.

Lore can be found on Splinterlands Card Lore Page.

Market Price Buy

Photo from my Splinterlands account.

By the time I am writing this review, there's a cheap high level 7 of Deeplurker that costs only $32. This may sound expensive but a level 7 requires you 150 copies of Deeplurker. However the card on sale is actually 161 copies for only $32. This gives you an average price of $0.20 for each card. This is the cheapest by far since it gives you the lowest price guaranteed while getting more stats for your Deeplurker.

Market Price Rent

Photo from my Splinterlands account.

Rental price for Deeplurker is cheap. For 0.12 DEC per day, it gives you a level 2 already boosting its speed by 1 for a more earlier chance to attack. This is a good chance for you to get Deeplurker for those daily missions and grinding you do to maximize your earning potential in Splinterlands.


Photo from my Splinterlands account.

Deeplurker has very good stats for its mana cost. 3 Damage is super high. Along with his Opportunity ability, he can one shot most supports and back line eliminating them as early as round 1. He also has 6 health allowing him to become a tank in times of need. However, take note that if the monster is in first position, opportunity ability is disabled and he is forced to attack whoever is also on the opponent's first slot.


Photo from my Splinterlands account.

At level 1, Opportunity ability is unlocked. Deeplurker gets Opportunity ability allowing him to prioritize the lowest health monster on the opponent's side. Opportunity also allows melee monsters to attack opponents from any position.

Photo from my Splinterlands account.

At level 6, Poison ability is unlocked. Monsters with poison ability has a chance of inflicting poison effect to opponent hit by an attack. When a monster is poisoned, they take 2 damage per turn until they die. This effect cannot be reduced by any abilities but can be removed via Cleanse ability.

Photo from my Splinterlands account.

At level 10, Demoralize ability is unlocked. Demoralize gives -1 melee damage to all opponents, minimum of 1 melee damage, while the monster is alive and on the board. This may not directly help Deeplurker but is still a good ability to have.

Battle highlights

Click the link below to see the full battle:

Rule Sets

Rule Set.PNG
Photo from my Splinterlands account.

This is a low 18 mana cap fight. The total combined mana cost of all of your monsters cannot exceed 18.

This is a Standard rule set. No changes in the game rules and mechanics.

Abilities Used During this Battle

Tank Heal.png

Abilities used in this battle are from Splinterland using my account.

Round 1

Round 1.jpg
Photo from my Splinterlands account.

Deeplurker's Opportunity attack kills Goblin Psychic.

Round 4

Round 4.jpg
Photo from my Splinterlands account.

Unicorn Mustang attack kills Cruel Sethropod.

Deeplurker's attack kills Unicorn Mustang.

Author's Notes

Aqua Teacher.png

Do you like DEEPLURKER? Why or Why not?

Yes, I like Deeplurker a lot. He's a strong monster with an amazing Opportunity ability. This allows him to sometimes snipe off opponents like in this game. He can also decently front line due to his 6 health making him a very effective secondary tank.



Summoner: Bortus: Gives -1 magic damage to all enemies. Really strong right now especially since you don't know when your opponent will use magic damage. Also good because magic damage passes through armor.

  1. Cruel Sethropod: Good in low mana matches. Gives you a solid 4 health and 3 armor allowing you to tank a few hits before he dies.

  2. Deeplurker: Good in any type of mana range. He is a strong monster overall and can even take out all opponents on his own provided that he has a decent front line to protect him.

  3. Venari Wavesmith: Almost permanent on my water lineups. She has protect ability that gives +2 armor to everyone. Good when combined with monsters with no armor, like Deeplurker, to avoid being bursted.

  4. Hardy Stonefish: One of the best level 1 monsters out there. Gives you both an armor and health meaning if your opponent doesn't use magic damage, they need to attack him at least twice to die.

Did your strategy worked?

Yes, Since the opponent did not add precautionary monsters for Sneak and Opportunity users, I was able to take out his Goblin Psychic immediately. This made the game a lot easier for me to play.

What will you try differently next time?

If I have another level 1 or level 0 monster, I would drop Cruel Sethropod for level 1s and level 0s. This is because Venari Wavesmith gives them extra armor for each meaning those lower leveled monsters gains +2 armor EACH. This makes it almost impossible to reach and damage Deeplurker and Venari Wavesmith.


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Good luck and keep grinding!


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