Share Your Battle, Weekly Challenge, Calm and Deadly!

The calm demeanor of this one is great in the picture, but after reading the lore below, scares you a little bit. In all honesty, this was the first time I used this card, I do not own the card, so I don’t use it, I would like to own the card, in the meantime, I used the in game rental option, so for a few pennies a day, you can rent a card and use it in your fights, a good thing!

Three mana on this one, very cheap, 1 magic damage, 1 speed, and 3 health, not a lot, but the triage ability is nice, helps keep that backline a live a little bit longer.

Before we get to the battle, let’s look at a little history about the Spirit Hoarder, but it is only half the lore, read the story by
When the Chaos Legion opened their portals to begin the invasion of Praetoria, the great vortexes tugged at the edges of time and space, drawing in matter from other realms. These portals were so powerful that other beings were dragged through against their will, snatched from their own worlds. And so it was that the Spirit Hoarder found itself walking the lands of Praetoria. No one truly knows where it originated from, but the consensus remains the same: They wish the Spirit Hoarder would return and no longer blight the Splinterlands with its wicked presence.

Described as almost dryad-like in its appearance by the few that have lived to tell the tale, the Spirit Hoarder is a faceless creature aside from two large, yellow eyes. Its body is a deep green with tributaries of aqua blue running through its skin, converging into jagged dorsal vertebrae along its back, and the uneven ruts of its head almost look like broken wood jutting away from the otherwise smooth and serene outline of its body. The alien appearance of this creature makes it difficult to tell where it resided on its home world, and it is likely at some point in evolution its habitat was in water, but now it is clear that it makes its home on solid ground and is completely terrestrial.

Granted, it is a docile looking creature, but the gnarled staff it carries, with branches twisted into a series of synchronised patterns, holds a sinister, spinning orb of power. It is a mystic force, the likes of which has never been seen before. This is the Vault of Spirit Hoarders and the one true source of its power. If one were to look at the orb closely enough, they would see the tormented spirits drifting inside, desperate to be free of the anguish prolonged by their eternal prison. What makes the Spirit Hoarder so utterly terrifying, though, is the indifference in which it stalks the land. The Spirit Hoarder cares not of the source of souls it takes, with both Praetorians and Chaos Legion having fallen victim to its obscene harvesting.

Read the story if you haven’t, then let’s look at the battle, a decent mana cap at 32 and:
Back to Basics: Monsters lose all abilities.
Equalizer: The initial Health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base Health
Equal Opportunity: All Monsters have the Opportunity ability
This is an interesting rule set that will come down to who can do more damage, quickly.

Here is the quick link to the battle, from the Modern Gold League: (Link) however, I will break it down, then you might want to watch again.

First up, the Summoner:

This is an Earth splinter challenge, so you kind of need an Earth summoner, in steps Obsidian, adding a boost to magic damage which is key to winning this one, especially back to basic, the magic damage is key.

The tank on this one, low mana card:

I had 1 mana left on this one after putting the other cards in, no magic monsters I can put in, but the Morphoid is a card I use a lot, that thorns, stick it too them, but in this case, it is the hefty hit points I was looking at to stick around for a round and take that damage while the rest of the monsters knock them down.

A good reward card, at level 2, 2 magic damage, which becomes 3 with Obsidian, but with only 3 mana cost, a good addition! I did mess up on this one though, it should have been in the 3rd spot instead of the second.

Card of the hour!

3 mana on this one, should have been in the second spot since it was only doing 2 damage, but it still worked out for me on this one.

The next card I have I really do like:

I put this one in the third spot for it to be the tank, after I knew that the other 3 would die, the high health will keep it up longer, but with the 3 magic damage coming in, it does a good amount of damage to the other team!

Another good card, but keeping with the theme is that 3 magic damage.

This is another mainstay of the earth decks, the two magic, that becomes 3 with Obsidian, usually the tank heal helps a lot, but not this time, since it is basic, he is back in the rear for that magic damage.

Having back to basics it is all about doing the damage before they get to you, I knew there would be high health and I wanted to bypass shields, so that leaves magic damage, hence why this is stacked on that side. Obsidian is a great choice for that one, add that extra magic means I am out damaging the opponent on a regular basis, they used Kelya, adding a shield, that did not make a difference for me since magic bypasses the shields. The one error I did have is that the Spirit Hoarder should have been in the second spot instead of the third so that I could do more damage, but it still worked out in my favor.

Even now, I still want the card, so many other strategy options out there, maybe I will get lucky in a pack with it! Pick it up before the cards are gone, packs will be gone soon!

Overall, this was a really good battle for me, and when you are watching a battle, you always need some Pizza! If you are looking for a great area of Positivity along with a great community, com join the Pizza Family!
You can find them here: Awesome Pizza Discord
Remember to reach across the aisle and talk to someone that might be different than you, you might be amazed at the person you find!
I do want to say thank you for reading all of this and have a wonderful week!
Dr. Kqaos

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Photos come from PowerPoints stock image, Bitmoji with Splinterlands logo on top of it, or my own screen shots of Splinterlands, along with the image that they provided for the Weekly Challenge.


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