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@Kxlm here, back with some more juicy #Splinterlands content.

In today's post, we discuss "The importance of being observant, learning from the past and staying active" to grow your account.

For mortals like us who do not have a large bag to invest in Splinterlands, this is an imperative skill set to grow your account and further the depth of your deck.

I am but a young Padawan in my journey, so while I do not possess the same level of experience as some long-standing community members, I have been attentive in observing the market vs behavior and how players tend to respond to the release of new cards.

This led me to adopt a resourceful line of thinking, which has enabled me to progress further into the game for minimal investment.

So how does one grow from "being observant, learning from the past and staying active"?

Let me show you...

*Disclaimer: The content of this post is not financial advice. All information shared is based on my personal opinion and experience. Please act responsibly and do your own research.

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It has been my observation that the greatest catalyst for opportunity is when new cards are released. Being an active player since September 2021, I have been present for the release of Chaos Legion reward cards, Airdrops, and the Chaos Legion edition itself.

Example: One month before the reveal of Thaddius Brood, Bone Golem was selling for $3.69 per bcx. After the reveal, prices pumped to $6.00 per bcx and continued to rise over the next month, reaching a high of $13.40 per bcx.

Bone Golem Price Action.gif

Source: Splinterlands Guides discord server (December, 2021).

Observing what transpired during the reveal of Thaddius Brood is a valuable lesson in predictive behavior. Going forward, we can learn from this observation to capitalize on future catalyst events.

The next on the horizon is the 10-12 new reward cards (release early next month according to the Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - April 13th, 2022) followed by the Legendary Summoner Airdrops and further down the line, Riftwatchers.

What is the best way to identify an opportunity during these catalyst events?


There are tools available to help you stay up-to-date with which cards are performing the best. It is not just the cards themselves that define the meta but, their abilities as well. Knowing how each ability functions, in conjunction with the synergies between each, is fundamental in identifying opportunities in new card releases.

In the example above, the price of Bone Golem pumped due to the synergy between Thaddius Brood's -1 magic ability and Bone Golem's void ability. Magic lineups were prevalent at the time and dominated the meta, making this combination appealing.

Here are a couple of my favorite tools that help me stay current with the meta:

💠 Splintertools lets you simulate previous battles with a different lineup to improve your win rate percentage.

💠 Splinterboard records the strongest and most reliable Splinterlands team composition strategies the top players in each league have been playing.

💠 Splintercards "abilities" section lists every ability in the game and its function.

💠 Peakmonsters is a third-party Splinterlands market. I prefer this website over the official Splinterlands market as it gives more visibility when trying to compare card prices. These can often reflect a card's position in the meta.

Now that you know how to be observant ✔️ we can move on to our next concept ➡️

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Learning from the past is related to being observant. As referenced in the previous section regarding Bone Golems' price: The same thing occurred after Grum Flameblade was revealed. Qid Yuff's price pumped from around $2.50 per bcx to $7.00 per bcx within a few hours, due to a synergy between abilities as well.

The release of the Chaos Legion reward cards saw two emerge superior to the rest: Venari Wavesmith and Djinn Oshannus. Both cards were pivotal in creating the Bronze and Silver League "Alric meta". At the height of their reign, each was selling for $5.00 per bcx and $60.00 per bcx respectively. Today, we see those prices have plummeted, due to a meta shift and an oversaturation of the market from the release of the Chaos Legion edition.


I was one of the many players that overlooked the opportunity to sell both cards at their pinnacle and I naively assumed the price would continue to trend upward. Knowing what I do now, I will be better prepared next time. (Hint: New reward cards and Riftwatchers release)

"I don't like to make predictions. I wait for things to unfold and react quickly." - Gary Vaynerchuk

Learning from the past ✔️ Let's proceed to our third and final concept ➡️

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Staying active is less about being active in the game and more about being active in the community. Participating in the conversation of Splinterlands is the best way to grow your knowledge of the game in all aspects.

💠 Join a Discord server.
💠 Join a Guild.
💠 Spark conversation in the comments section of your favorite Youtubers and content creators.
💠 Follow and support some of the smaller creators.
💠 Post your own content and see what reactions you get.
💠 Watch the weekly "Town Hall" and make note of the questions asked.

The more viewpoints you can reference, the wider your perspective becomes, thus improving your ability to determine the consensus across the player base. Once you understand the players' thoughts, you can predict their behavior. This will help as a further indicator to identifying opportunities during catalyst events.

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Here is a list of content creators I follow and the discord channels I am an active member of:

💠 PeakD

💠 YouTube

💠 Discord

⚔️ And of course the official @Splinterlands channels - YouTube / Discord

Skill set acquired 🏆✔️ Let's wrap this up ➡️

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Being observant, learning from the past and staying active are all vital to our growth as penny-pinching Padawans. Identify opportunities to profit, through observation of catalyst events and implementing your knowledge of the meta. Learning lessons from past opportunities missed and reflecting on your mistakes to be better prepared in the future. Being an active participant in the Splinterlands community to build relationships, widen your perspective, learn from one another and further your knowledge of the game.

These three concepts, in combination, will be the fertilizer that grows your account over the next 4 years to graduate from the status of Padawan to Master!


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