Proposal - 1000 HH Tokens per day to our Partners' LP Reward Pools

Hello Henthusiasts!

I have created another proposal to the guild which I think would benefit not just us, but also other communities here on hive.

What is the proposal about?
  • Partnering with other Community/Tribes, especially those inside the Hive Blockchain, is very beneficial not just for those we partner up with but also as a whole of the Hive Communities. Now, the Henthusiast Haven Guild should or rather must build bridges with other communities as we are just starting out and does not have a lot of experience in the field. To start with, why not participate in sponsoring of reward tokens in our partner's pools. I propose a 1000 HH Tokens per day for each reward pool we participate. This will also speed up the process on the distribution of our token to a lot of people.
Where does the budget comes from?
  • I am thinking of two things to get the budget from, either minting new tokens or from the guild earnings. And such, I am more inclined to get the budget from the guild earnings rather than start a new minting process of tokens which would increase the total circulating supply of the token.
Who to partner up with?
  • There are 5 Tribes we currently participate in, and such we will start with these tribes. I'm trying to contact the leaders of these tribes about our proposal. Now, partnering with other tribes should be beneficial to both parties, hence a criteria on the partnership.

That's all for my proposal. I hope the HHG Stakeholders will accept and approve my proposal. Thank you and God Bless!