Splinterlands: End of season insights

Hi guys! I'm just starting this blogging thing, and two days ago I wrote about wich card I thought was the best in the game nowadays.

I kind of regret that I wrote that piece in Portuguese-BR, since that restricted potentital readers.

I'll not make the same mistake again, and from now on, I'll just write in English, and I won't care about my grammar mistakes. But... (this is a big but!), I'll keep just writing, without adding pictures! Personally, I don't like pictures in posts.

For people that are curious about what my judgment was on what was the best card, here is the result (full explanations are in the original post).

URAEUS, because it's very cheap, plays almost every ruleset, plays modern and wild, and you should have it at the lvl cap of the league you are playing.

And, the not cheap ones:
LUX VEGA as a summoner (don't even have to explain why it's so great) and Lord Arianthus, that is the "cheap mana" full defense pack.

As you can see, all the choices were normal cards, that can be used in a wild range of rulesets and with any color (almost every time).

But now let's talk about something else.

I've being playing the game for one year and a half now, and I remember how INSANE were the end of seasons. Rents sky rocketed so hard that 15.000 CP costs were around 4 USD. That was just nuts!

Now, end of seasons rent values are not so different from mid seaons and that's the reason why you should ALWAYS end the season with all the collection power needed for your current rating.

In the past, strategically, there were times where you where in diamond, but rents were SO expensive, that was best to end the season in Gold III, or even Silver I, and put your own cards to rent for small fortunes. Dumb CP was just great to have! You could put reward cards for rent and make some money out of it.

But all of that has changed now, and the best thing you can do is just enjoy the game and have fun! No need for fancy strategies at the end of season. Put for rent only the CP you have to spare, and keep all you have to end up at yout own league. If you do not have all the CP needed, please, do RENT all you need.

To be honest, I think the game seems kind of easier now, since all that INSANITY of wild especulation are gone for good.

A bonus tip here for you all is that from the third day of the season to the mid of it is where the battles reward most SPS. So, don't do that stuff of just playing the end of it, because, even if it's easier to climb the ratings, the good SPS rewards lies for those brave ones that climb the ratings before anyone else.

If you agree or disagree with me, please, leave a comment! Love you all, have a great day and let's have some fun!


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Don't remember us what was like back then! The anxiety of for end of the season was terrible! And Resource Credits allways ended when we most needed it!

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