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  • Silenced Summoners and Taking Sides
  • !BEER
  • Place #9 almost. Congrats
  • Cheers
  • The Chain Golem is a very Strong Card !BEER
  • hahaha :-D
  • !BEER
  • !BEER
  • !BEER
  • !BEER
  • the chaingolem looks much better
  • !BEER Nice!
  • What a Beast!
  • nice challenge!
  • currently it has not appeard as a referal in my statistics.
  • sure. you can write me if you need some more starter cards to get in the game fast :)
  • Now my Hydra is maxxed out! nice
  • Nearly the End... 2 Packs left... double epic -.-" no gold
  • Wow... i think this Pack is the most worthy pack from the 100 Selenia Sky Legend and a Gold Foil Elven Cutthroat...
  • 4x4 ähm... 4 White and 4 Rare