Pissed At Splinterlands? Here Are Our Options!

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A Community Split

Lately it seems like the Splinterlands community has been pretty split about the upcoming changes. Either people still love the project, direction and the team behind Splinterlands. Others have gotten more frustrated, upset and even angry at the team and community.

This video is an attempt to add my voice to the conversation and hopefully help guide the discussion. Everyone will have to form their own opinons and make their own decisions about how things are going. Personally even though I believe there are issues within Splinterlands, I still enjoy the game and believe in the team's direction. However I know not everyone will come to that conclusion which is why I talk about legit reasons why you may choose to move on to a different NFT gaming project.

Hope you enjoy this opinion piece. Now let me hear yours in the comments.

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Bots are very easy to beat... but renting cards is a MUST. I would never ever play Bronze with mostly starter cards. I can get from bronze to silver easily with Oshannus and your Lorna strategy!


For me winning to bots are the best thing in this game. The AI they use is not specially good, and most of them are pretty stupid to battle. I'm more angry about bots manipulating markets and getting the giveaways. But even those can be beaten using the right strategies, like luring them to get down their prices and setting a daily word in case of giveaways. Even with all of the other problems, I'm 100% bullish in Splinterlands! This was a great video, @luke-wtp! Thanks for sharing it! Keep them coming!