💸 Best Way To Play & EARN In Splinterlands With $50! 🤑

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Best Way To Play & EARN In Splinterlands With $50!

Want to know the best way to play and earn in Splinterlands? And I mean PLAY and EARN. I'm not discussing boring things like staking and liquidity pools. This video is to help those who actually want to dive deep into the gameplay of Splinterlands and earn. Here is what my plan is on my $50 account to actually play Splinterlands and earn over time what I would consider a good amount of money.

Yes the ranked rewards and bronze level play are a mess right now in Splinterlands, I think the team even admits that which is why they have changes upcoming. Rather than wait and stop playing for now, what can we do instead to earn and have fun in Splinterlands?

Tournaments Are The Key

Yes most tournaments for new players will be out of reach, either because of staking/power requirements, or just not having a strong enough deck. However even for $50 we can compete in novice tournaments with no legendaries. The $50 will be half spent in staking some SPS, and the other half to buy up the Chaos Legion epics.

With this tactic I show in the video some estimates of what we could achieve as we grow and get better in Splinterlands tournaments. Hope you enjoy!

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