HODL, Sell or Liquidity Pool? PKM Tokens and What To Do With Them!

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HODL, Sell or Liquidity Pool? PKM Tokens and What To Do With Them!

PeakMonsters has made a crypto token called PKM that is being airdropped to users of the PeakMonsters Splinterlands market site. This video will help you decide if you should sell them, keep them or provide to the PKM:SPS liquidity pool to get free rewards.

Learn about impermanent loss before adding to liquidity pools. I'd recommend these two videos below.


Video Notes

  • Intro - what to do with your PKM?

  • You can just swap to SPS if you really want to right now

  • More PKM features to be built out later so you could just hodl to use them later

  • Put them in liquidity pools

  • Here are my current rewards at $150 worth of PKM:SPS

  • Rewards will shrink as others add more liquidity to the pool unless you also add more

  • Look up impermanent loss first- leave links in description and comments
  • Why add to the LQ pool?

  • Peak Monsters is far ahead of any other SL marketplace

  • You think PKM and SPS will relatively head in the same direction of price

  • You want to share in Peakmonsters profits and earn the liquidty mining rewards

-Why not?

  • PKM is a new token and a low supply that is growing over time. Price can be very volatile

  • watch my video for the intro of the token

  • PKM is pretty speculative right now because we don't know what features they will add ahead
    and they also won't be immediate.

  • Show how to add

  • Conclusion

    The way I'm treating this LQ pool is that I like using PeakMonsters and want to support the project
    while receiving some benefits of the rewards. Because of the big volatile risk, I'm not putting
    much more than I'm comfortable in. I'd advize you to do your own research to make your decision
    if you want to provide liquidity or not.

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    There are a lot of question marks around the PKM token and as you said the supply is going to increase over time. The most obvious use case at the moment is staking the token in the liquidity pool and get rewards. However, the more people doing that, the lower the APR will become and if it gets too low, people might want to get out and then the only thing they can do is to sell PKM. I'm looking forward to seeing what use cases will be available on peakmonsters. I think with some interesting sinks for the token, it could become something very interesting in the long run.

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    Hodling my SPS and DEC
    On the battlefield, many strategies can help your team win despite the presence of famous or unpopular cards in the lineup.