EXTRA #16: The comeback of Lucius Fallenfaith.

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It was March 2nd of the last year when I first wrote the story behind a possible double element Summoner, Lucius Fallenfaith.

I received some nice comments, some advice, and some "hate", people were totally sure that a double-element card would never be available on Splinterlands and that it was an old rejected idea...well more than a year later Splinterlands released the first double-element card you can read about it here and that's the card:


So after seeing it, I couldn't help but bring back up my "creation", the corrupted, or at least half-corrupted, Servant of Light "Lucius Fallenfaith".


Now, the first time I imagined it, I created the card too:


I used an old tool and it appeared like a card from an old set, it wasn't really appealing...so I redesigned it, thanks to the pre-existent artwork for a Light/Death elements card and that's the result:


The background of the card is better and it is referred to its backstory, even the mana cost has been adjusted following the advice I received in the comments.


And here there's the lore, if you want to spend a little bit of your time reading it, the abilities should fit the character:

...Lucius had been in Pretoria's continent for too long, it was very satisfying to help children become something more than a mercenary or a cutthroat through the teaching of the Light, but he was starting to feel weak and old, his sandals were consumed and so was his soul.
Too much sadness and devastation were passed under his eyes, and the Chaos Legion which was terrorizing the continent was the straw that breaks the camel's back, he loved to help but he had to restore after long years of suffering and pain, he was writing a letter to his superior, holding a nearly finished candle, to ask to come back home when a child knocked on the door of the stable where he was resting for the night.

The child was small, probably due to malnutrition, he was looking even younger than he probably was but, even if he was dressed in rags and evidently too skinny to be healthy, he was showing unexpected energy. His hair was black as a moonless night and his eyes were frenzied like they were trying to assimilate too much information...Lucius noticed that if he looked at the Child's eyes he could glimpse a green reflex.

"Hi! I'm Alastair!" said the restless child. "I need some help, my little brother started to feel sick, and my mother told me to look for the old monk, are you a Doctor Sir?".

Lucius, tired and still consumed by his thoughts, kindly smiled answering that he wasn't a doctor but that he could help because he was a Monk of the Light and he knew some healing magic.

Alastair, shelling his eyes, took Lucius' hand and started pulling him toward the village's gates, his family, as a lot of other poor families had their farm outside the city's walls, they were not rich enough.

Lucius and Alastair were walking for one hour, on a path in between the woods near the village, when the child screamed "There! My house is behind that turn, can you see the light, Sir?", his excitement was irrepressible.

Lucius, tired after the long walk, looked up and saw a light, a weirdly green light, arrived at the turn he saw a big Wagon, with green lanterns on it and no one on it when he turned around to ask Alastair if it was a bad joke, he didn't see the small child but an adult man, with green veins and the Chaos in his eyes...


Obviously, I had to create Lore's page too, containing more details:


I really enjoy writing, and creating the card was just an excuse to do it, I loved to read again about him and I hope this time it will be more successful than in the past, the double-element cards are finally real and there's new hope for Lucius...

Let me know what you think about the card and the Lore behind it!

Best regards,

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