EXTRA #18: Some memes to relax during this really difficult season.

So, after the more or less recent updates, the BOTs have been finally banned from the MODERN format on Splinterlands, meaning there are no more "easy" battles versus silly Opponents, but only tough battles versus real people.


Now, what's the problem? The more competition the better, right?
Well, there's only one small problem...in the Silver League there are two different things:

Screenshot 20230913 alle 14.41.51.png

  • The Summoner Level Limits
  • The Full Earning Requirements

The first one indicates the maximum level for every Monster, depending on its rarity, allowed in the current league, in this case, the Silver One.

The second one indicates the minimum level requested for every Monster to be able to have full earnings.

I, as a simple player who enjoys Splinterlands as a hobby and as a "simple mobile game", never thought about maxing out my Summoners and Monsters for the current league, I just leveled up them to the bare minimum and, until the previously mentioned update, I never had particular difficulties in reaching Silver I...well something changed:

pictures 3.jpg

I started meeting only full-leveled (for the Silver League) Summoners and Monsters making it quite impossible for me to compete in the league.


I know, I know, I could spend just a little money to level up my Monsters and Summoners or to Rent them...the problem is that I just don't want to, I like to play with my cards, so that's why I'm making memes and I'm not ranting, people are totally right to play a PLAY2EARN game at their best.


Obviously being Splinterlands a hobby doesn't mean I don't spend money on it just trying to be a leech, I mean if I wanted to be a leech I would just download a BOT :)


My real concern is that the RNG just hates me, really much, I spend my money on Splinterlands buying packs because I like the thrill I feel opening them, but the results are...well, not good:

pictures 4.jpg

Those are my last 7 packs...I mean...at least one Epic, just one!

And I know that with the same amount of money, I could have maxed out for the Silver League at least one Summoner and its Monsters, but Splinterlands is a game, and in a game, I like to do what I think is funny, at least sometimes.

Another proof that the RNG is clearly conspiring against me?

Screenshot 20230913 alle 12.48.52.png

You can turn off the option to use automatically the potions when you open the rewards through settings and this is really fair and useful...but, just the day after I turn it off, what happens?

Screenshot 20230912 alle 11.12.18.png

The RNG, once again, makes fun of me! Thanks for the potions buddy, can you imagine how hard it has been to gain four Silver chests for a common player like me?


Obviously, I want to clarify it, the game is so much better with no BOTs in Modern League, the Earnings are so much higher and rewarding, and it is totally fair to meet people that compete with maxed-out Summoners and Monsters for the league, I'm just making fun of myself because, sometimes, even in a PLAY2EARN game is important to chill out, take a break and just smile :)

Hope you liked this "different" post, I'm just a small player, luckily there is Tusk the Wide that will stand for me!


Screenshot 20230913 alle 15.12.20.png

Best regards,

P.S. My referral link is: https://splinterlands.com?ref=magalli

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