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New Weekly Challenge, let's reveal some Battle Mage Secrets!

This week the Battle Rule is Counterspell:

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So, basically, when there's this Battle Rule the use of Magic Attack Monsters is not recommended, but neither forbidden.
In fact, Magic Attack Monsters with peculiar abilities can still be used effectively, avoiding their "suicide".


The first example is Magic Attack Monsters with the Void ability:

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The reduced damage from Magic Attack is valid even for the damage they would receive back from the Counterspell ability so the Immortalis could be a really smart choice as a Summoner with this Battle Rule.

The second example is Magic Attack Monsters with the Life Leech ability:

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Thanks to this ability the Monsters will "absorb" the Counterspell's damage healing themselves thanks to their ability, obviously if they will be able to directly damage the Opponent's Monsters' Health (the Void Armor ability where "Magic attacks hit this Monster's armor before its Health" will not let the Monster absorb life until the Armor is destroyed).

Is important to highlight that Monsters with the Reflection Shield ability will not take damage back:

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And that the Amplify ability will double the damage received back, so both the Void and Life Leech abilities could be less effective:

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Now that we discussed the Battle Rule, let's see how my battle went:

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It was a Brawl Battle, so there were three Battle Rules, beyond the Counterspell one there were the Earthquake and the Tis but Scratches Battle Rules:

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The Tis but Scratches Battle Rule gives all the Monsters the Cripple ability:

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So it was important to use a nice number of Monsters with the Flying ability, to avoid the Earthquake damages, both I and my Opponent chose the Kyla Frendul Summoner that gives an important +1 in Armor Stat, making our non-flying Monsters more resistant to the Earthquake because being a physical damage it will hit the Armor before the Health.
Furthermore, we both chose a Monster with the Martyr Ability, so when it will be killed by the Earthquake it will give a bonus in all the stats to the adjacent Monsters.

My flying Monsters:

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As you can see I selected the Runemancer Kye an amazing Riftwatchers card with the Flying and Life Leech abilities, a card that I won thanks to the @vikisecrets' giveaways that happen every End of the Season, I won only once, but what a win!

So, after the first round that was the situation:

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I want to highlight my three non-flying Monsters:

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The Venari Marksrat as I said was important for the Martyr ability, the Torrent Fiend was a simple bait and the Clockwork Aide thanks to its Swiftness ability (All friendly Monsters have increased Speed) was really important to have a Speed advantage.

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After two rounds I had only two Monsters left, versus three, but my Monsters had the Flying ability, as you can notice looking at my initial deployment I made a little mistake, not placing the Venari Marksrat near the Runemancer Kye so it couldn't benefit of the Martyr buffs.

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At the beginning of the fourth Round, it was a one versus two, and my Opponent was able to resist more thanks to the Martyr ability's effects on its two last Monsters and thanks to the Swamp Spitter's ability Repair that restores Armor, making its Monsters more resistant to the Earthquake.

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Even if with no Flying ability my Opponent's Monsters survived until the fifth Round.

But my amazing Runemancer Kye had been able to win in the sixth Round:

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It is important to notice that it won with only 1 point in Health left (even because of the Tis but Scratches Battle Rule that reduced its maximum Health) and because my Opponent's last Monster was a Ranged Attacker so it wasn't able to attack from the First Line.


Final Considerations: as always in Splinterlands peculiar cards can be "trump cards" and lead you to victory, but especially during the Brawl Battles where there are more Battle Rules it is important to keep everything in consideration.

P.S. Another important thing is to participate in the giveaways that some of the very kind members of the community run :)

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