Magalli's "BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge!" EARTHQUAKE

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A new week in Splinterlands, and time for a new Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge!

This time I will talk about the Earthquake Battle Rule:

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With this Rule, the non-flying Monsters will take two Physical damage every turn.


So, with this Battle Rule active the Flying Monsters will have a double advantage:

  • No Earthquake* damages

  • Increased chances of evading a Physical enemy's attack (25%)

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Some examples of Flying Monsters:

merge_from_ofoct 36.jpg

With this type of battle, there are two more important abilities to consider:

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The Snare ability will remove the Flying ability making the targeted Monster weak to the Earthquake Rule.

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The Shield ability will reduce the damage taken by non-flying creatures because the Earthquake deals Physical damage.


Now that we finished analyzing the Battle Rule let's see my battle:

Screenshot 20230508 alle 10.35.20.png

Both my Opponent and I chose a Dragon Summoner, I chose the Quix the Devious to give my Opponent's Monsters a debuff in Speed and Ranged Attack and my Opponent chose the Drake of Arnak to have a +1 in Armor Stat, making its Monsters more resistant to the Earthquake (because it deals Physical damage so it will hit the Armor before the Health).

Furthermore, we both chose a powerful Flying Dragon Monster and a Monster with the Martyr ability:

Screenshot 20230508 alle 10.42.27.png

I went for Dragon element plus Death element, while my Opponent chose the Dragon element plus the Life element, and we both deployed a good number of Flying Monsters:

merge_from_ofoct 37.jpg

Its Adelaide Brightwing card was really interesting because thanks to its Repair ability was able to restore the Armor stat of one of its Monsters, making it "virtually" un-hittable by the Earthquake.

Screenshot 20230508 alle 10.47.00.png

As I said we both chose a Monster with the Martyr ability to take advantage of the Earthquake Battle Rule that will kill the Monster giving the buff to the adjacent Monsters.
But I "doubled" this ability thanks to an amazing Riftwathcers card:

merge_from_ofoct 38.jpg

The Oshuur Constantia's ability Ressurect will bring back to life the first Monster that will die in my team, so the Martyr ability will be triggered twice during the battle (if the Venari Marksrat will die first):

Screenshot 20230508 alle 10.52.03.png

Screenshot 20230508 alle 10.36.19.png

Luckily my "Tank" resisted the first round and the Venari Marksrat died thanks to the Earthquake Battle Rule triggering the Resurrect ability.

Screenshot 20230508 alle 10.36.48.png

Thanks to the double "sacrifice* of the Venari Marksrat I had two incredible Monsters with three and four in Magic Attack, I was pretty relaxed even if it was a 5 vs 2.

Screenshot 20230508 alle 10.37.06.png

At the beginning of the fourth Round, it was a 2vs2, the Void Dragon resisted all the Magic Attacks thanks to its Void ability that reduces the Magic Attacks received.

Screenshot 20230508 alle 10.37.28.png

And I won during the fifth round, the Oshuur Constantia died because of the Earthquake Battle Rule but after being able to deal a consistent amount of damage, and after helping to trigger twice the Martyr ability.

The Void Dragon won the Battle practically un-hitted.


Final Consideration: Taking advantage of a Battle Rule means, sometimes, sacrificing some of our Monsters, in this case, the combo Martyr+Resurrect gave me an outstanding advantage.

Best regards,

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