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This time for the BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge I will talk about the Equal Opportunity* Battle Rule:

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This Rule gives all the Monsters the Opportunity ability:

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Clearly, this Rule helps the Melee Attack Monsters giving them the chance to attack from every position and it gives another great advantage for a Splinterlands battle: when this rule is active you can "predict" all the Opponent's Monsters attacks because we know that the weakest Monsters will be targeted first.
The only way to avoid this predictability is to use Monsters with the Taunt ability that says "All enemy units target this unit(if they are able to)":

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Another way to take advantage of the predictability of the attacks is to use Monsters with the Martyr ability, if the will die first our other Monsters will receive important boosts:

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So making sure that those Monsters are the weakest in our team will definitely help us.


Now that we finished studying the Battle Rule let's see my battle:

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As you can see my Opponent tried to weaken my Melee Attackers using the Disintegrator and tried to predict my attacks by selecting a Monster with the Taunt ability, personally, I chose to select two Monsters with the Martyr ability to take advantage of the boosts.

Screenshot 20230521 alle 13.15.11.png

After the first round, I could look at a disadvantage having three Monsters versus Five, but if you take a close look, my Monsters are unstoppable, as I already said in the past the Drybone Raider thanks to its Double Strike ability with the Equal Opportunity rule and with the double Martyr boost became terrifying, being able to deal 6 Melee damages and 6 Ranged damages.

Screenshot 20230521 alle 13.15.26.png

In fact, at the start of Round 3, I recovered the numerical disadvantage, and my Monsters are definitely more powerful than my Opponent's Monsters.

Screenshot 20230521 alle 13.15.41.png

At the start of Round 4, I have practically won, even if my Drybone Rider missed three times my Opponent's Regal Peryton.

Screenshot 20230521 alle 13.15.54.png

And I won during Round 5.

If you are interested in seeing how the Equal Opportunity Battle Rule plus Monsters with the Martyr ability plus the Drybone Rider work, you can check one of my old BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge too, the Drybone Rider is Dominant.


Final Considerations: thanks to the new ability Martyr the Battles with the Equal Opportunity Battle Rule have a new way to be played, before the introduction of this ability using Monsters with the Taunt ability while eliminating weak Monsters in the Opponent's team was the best strategy, now with the evolution of the gameplay seems to be a new way to play.
That's important because it highlights how the game is in constant evolution, and that's really important to keep players' attention high.

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