Magalli's "BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge!" EQUALIZER

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This week I will talk about an interesting Battle Rule, the Equalizer one:

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The exciting thing about this Battle Rule is that it gives the possibility to use low-health Monsters with a higher resilience:


All those Monsters mix interesting abilities and stats counterbalanced by a low health stat, using them while the Equalizer rule is active will give us powerful Monsters without weakness.

At the same time we can make another reasoning, if all the Monsters have a high health stat, it will be important to value each of them and make them the most resilient possible just to absorb some of our Opponent's Monsters' attacks, so it can be a really good idea to use Monsters able to heal:


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Both the Tank Heal and the Triage abilities will increase the durability of our Monsters, especially if they will have an higher Health stat.


Now that we analyzed the Battle Rule, let's see my battle:

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In addition to the Equalizer Rule there was the Explosive Weaponery Rule:

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That gives to all the Monsters the Blast ability:

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So, automatically, it becomes important to use Monsters with the Reflection Shield ability:


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I opted for the Corsair Bosun a great Riftwatchers card able to deal a nice damage and with the Reflection Shield ability that could be useful even versus some of the Tanks that my Opponent could have chose in the case it opted for the Death or the Dragon Summoners:

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They both have the Thorns ability:

Screenshot 20230515 alle 14.32.31.png

With the Corsair Bosun I chose the Drybone Raider that thanks to its Double Strike ability would hit twice per turn (really interesting especially with the Explosive Weaponry Battle Rule), the Venari Crystalsmith to Heal my Monsters, the Time Mage to try to have an advantage in Speed and the Pelacor Conjurer as a Tank, to take advantage of its increased chances to avoid attacks thanks to its Flying ability plus the Magic Reflect ability, just in case:

merge_from_ofoct 39.jpg

The Drybone Rider with the General Sloan Summoner's +1 buff in Ranged Attack becomes scaring, especially considering its Shatter ability that destroys Opponent's Monsters' Armor regardless the value of it.

So after one round that was the situation:

Screenshot 20230515 alle 11.25.07.png

I was already in numerical advantage, six versus five Monsters.

But after the second round, I already knew I would win:

Screenshot 20230515 alle 11.25.34.png

The Corsar Bosun and the Drybone Rider were able to deal 10 damages per round, and considering the Shatter ability, those were damages directly to the Health stat making useless the deploying of the Truthspeaker by my Opponent (the Truthspeaker gives a +2 buff in Armor stat to all friendly Monsters).

And I won during the fourth round:

Screenshot 20230515 alle 11.25.56.png

The Battles with the Explosive Weaponry Battle Rule are usually shorter than normal, guess why :)


Final Consideration: This Battle perfectly shows how much important are the Monsters' abilities and how important is to know how to take advantage of them, trying to take Speed control in Splinterlands is always important, when there is the Explosive Weaponry Rule is vital, furthermore being able to Heal the Monsters while the Equalizer Rule is active can turn the tide of battle, so always remind to take care of your Monsters' Health.

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