Magalli's "SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! SCAVO FIREBOLT!


Time for a new "Weekly Battle Challenge", this week I prepared a new graphic to present the "Main Character" and I hope you will like it.

Before talking about the card, I want to say that I analyzed it as a Bronze player.

The subject of this week is the Scavo Firebolt.


1 ) Mana cost: 4 Fair Mana Cost considering its stats.

2 ) Range Attack: 2 Interesting stat, it is enough to damage Monsters with the Shield ability.

3 ) Speed: 2 Normal stat, Fire Element Monsters are not particularly quick in the CL expansion.

4 ) Expansion: Chaos Legion I highlighted that because in the near future the Expansion of a card will be essential to know if it is playable in the Modern format or in the Wild format (MF: playable only in the last two Expansions that came out on Splinterlands, WF: every Expansion is playable).

5 ) Health: 4 It is a really good stat, the Scavo Firebolt can resist a nice amount of damage (considering it is a ranged attacker, it has to be able to resist Monsters' attacks with the Sneak ability).

6 ) Element:Fire It means that the Scavo Firebolt can be used only with Fire and Dragon summoners.

Please Note: the Scavo Firebolt has no Armor and no ability.


Now let's analyze the Rules of Combat that can favor the Scavo Firebolt during battles:


As you can see the Rules of Combat that help it are Rules where Abilities are not important, Rules that don't allow Melee Attack Monsters, and Little League Rules (where it can take advantage of its relatively high stats in Health and Range Attack).

It is important to say that the Scavo Firebolt, at the moment, is not the best card to use in a Fire deck, because the Fire Summoner boosts Melee Attack and Health, so in most cases, it is better to choose a Melee Attack Monster instead of it to take advantage of the double boost.


The introduction to the Scavo Firebolt is over, let's see how it fought in my battle.


Rules Of Combat: Neutral "Even Stevens" is a Rule of Combat that says: "Only even mana cards can be used". It is a pretty basic Rule, but it allows me to use the Scavo Firebolt and, at the same time, allows me to exclude some possibilities in the Opponent's choices.

*Mana Cap: Positive The Scavo Firebolt has 4 as Mana Cost, sp if the Cap is 22 it is really good, the lower the Mana Cap, the better (as long as you can protect the Scavo with some nice Tank because Ranged Attack Monsters can't attack from the first position).

Active Elements: Positive There are two Elements, like Water and Dragon that can take advantage of their Armor boost versus a Fire deck, but thanks to the Rules of Combat they couldn't deploy other cards to further boost their Armor.

Summoner: Tara It is always a nice choice to choose Tara as the Fire Summoner, it gives a boost to Health and Melee Attack, and considering the typical Fire Monster that has a nice Melee Attack stat and an Ability to attack from the second lines, it is perfect
(Obviously considering ghost Summoners and Bronze League level).

Please Note: My Tara is at Level 2, which means that I can take advantage of Leveled up Monsters.

The Strategy: Using Fire and considering the Rules of Combat and the Active Elements, I chose to deploy five "little" Monster instead of 2/3 High Mana Cost monsters, I did it because Tara gives nice boosts to make the Low Mana Cost Monsters competitive and because I wasn't worried about a lot of Monsters with an Odd Mana Cost that could destroy my Second Line Monsters.

As a Tank I deployed a card that starts to shine from Level 2:


Considering all its stats the only weakness could be the low Melee Attack, making it a bit useless versus Monsters with the Shield ability, but Tara with its boost cancels this problem.
At Level 2 the Xenith Monk learns the Heal ability, super useful for a Tank with a decent amount of Health.

After that, I deployed a "weak" card, that became useful thanks to Tara's boosts:


The Magma Troll's Mana Cost mixed with its poor stats make it a card with low utilities...except in a battle with the "Even Stevens" Rules of Combat, where it can be deployed and with Tara's boosts it can count on a nice 2 Melee Attack from the second line, thanks to its Reach ability.

After the Troll I deployed a semi-bait:


Low Health, low Range Attack, and super slow, but at least it can work as a bait versus Monsters with the Snipe ability and versus Monsters with the Opportunity ability, while it deals one damage (when it hit).

After it, I deployed a fundamental card:


The Spark Pixies for a fair Mana Cost guarantees a nice amount of damages, and a high chance to evade the Opponent's Monsters' Attacks considering its high speed and its Flying ability:


Thanks to the ability and the Speed stat, it can be worth using the Spark Pixies even if its Health stat is only 1.

And, in the end, I placed the Scavo Firebolt to eventually resist Monsters with the Sneak ability.

Schermata 20220519 alle 10.53.04.png


Let's see the battle (link):

Schermata 20220519 alle 12.42.26.png

My Opponent chose a Water Deck and deployed only 3 monsters, the Xenith Monk was able to cure itself every turn while it was dealing damages, so it gave time to my second line Monsters to weaken and kill the Enemy's tank.

But the real game-changer was the Spark Pixies, it dodged all Opponent Deeplurker's attacks (there was a 45% chance every turn) and it hit really hard thanks to its Ranged Attack stat.
Helped by the Scavo Firebolt it has been able to take down the Opponent's tank in a few turns.

Schermata 20220519 alle 12.42.59.png

One of the misses

As you can see the Xenith Monk was able to take 5 damages per turn until the end.

Schermata 20220519 alle 12.43.46.png

To be honest, placing the Range Attack Monster in the second position to take advantage of the Deeplurker's ability and putting it in the third position, wasn't a great idea, because once it lost the tank, my Opponent lost the possibility to attack with the Kulu Swimhunter.

So I won:

Schermata 20220519 alle 12.44.04.png

Final Consideration: The Scavo Firebolt is a nice card, but unfortunately, it doesn't really synergize with the powerful Fire Element Summoner Tara and its boosts. So it is better to use it only in some particular situations when it is necessary.

Schermata 20220519 alle 10.52.47.png

Leveling up it becomes an interesting card, with the Knock out ability, but not essential in a nice Fire deck.

Best regards,


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Thanks for sharing! - Legalizabrazil#3575

You have a nice report here! I like the effort you put in those graphic images, thanks for share!