The 19+ Tokens of Splinterlands


The 19+ Tokens of Splinterlands

When most Hivers familiar with the game hear the name Splinterlands, they think of the more well-known tokens such as DEC and SPS, or more recent additions such as VOUCHER and CHAOS. Even SPT is well-known to Hivers posting to the SplinterTalk blog or people tagging their posts with the spt tag. But how many people familiar with Splinterlands can say how many tokens exist for the game? While doing research on Hive Engine for another project I'm working on, I discovered the 19+ tokens of Splinterlands.

Hive Engine lists 22 tokens for Splinterlands:

  • 1 of these tokens is earned from posting about Splinterlands and related content using any of these tags:
    • spt;
    • splinterlands;
    • hive-13323;
  • 18 of these are official tokens for the game itself.
  • 2 of these tokens support the players away from the game (especially via Discord);
  • 1 token, SPF, is also a player support token, although it appears to be very likely a scam token; thanks to @pinkfloyd878 for letting everyone know about this particular token.

Cover Image Source: Splinterlands graphic comes from the game. Banner made using HTML and CSS. Edits made with MS Paint.
Remaining Images were made using Excel 2003 and MS Paint.


  • This post will be a brief overview of these 22 tokens.

  • Most information is taken from Hive Engine.

  • Tribaldex was used for this data:

Top-line banner for SplinterTalk

SPT: The Blogging Token for


SPT was issued by @splinterlands. The Website URL is

Token [Logo] Symbol Token NamePrice[*] USD (SWAP.HIVE)Supply (Circulating / Total / Max)Precision
1 SPT logo SPT Splinterlands$0.00694
100.1 M / 100.8 M / 100 B6

Prices are as of midday EDT, 26 October 2021

Staking and Delegating SPT


Stakeable?Unstaking CooldownTransactions
YES28 days4


Can Be Delegated?Undelegating CooldownTransactions
YES7 days1

Liquidity Pools or Diesel Pools

SPT (Quote Token Only):

  • SPS:SPT -- has LP rewards

SPT Description from DEX

A token rewarding blogging about Splinterlands on

Comments about SPT

The website URL also doubles as SplinterTalk, the tribal front-end. SplinterTalkis used for blogging about Splinterlands and whatever is associated with the game. Anyone posting to SplinterTalk can earn SPT when their content is upvoted. As with LeoFinance, staked SPT determines the vote value for a person's upvote on a post or a comment.

Also, anyone posting Splinterland content from any other front-end-- whether it's LeoFinance, D.Buzz or anything in between-- can earn SPT by including one of these tags when publishing the content: spt, splinterlands, or hive-13323.

The 18 Gaming Tokens Used in Splinterlands

In Splinterlands itself, there are 18 tokens which had been issued at various points during the history of the actual game. Some are required for game play. Others are optional at a cost. All can be purchased either in-game, at the DEX of your choice (Hive Wallet, LeoDex, or Tribaldex), or however else you acquire your Layer 2 tokens.

Details To Get Out of the Way:

About Tables and Descriptions

  • The 18 gaming tokens are sorted in descending order by price.

  • Prices are as of midday EDT, 26 October 2021.

Token Precision

  • 3 Decimal Places -- VOUCHER and DEC;
  • 8 Decimal Places -- SPS;
  • 0 -- The Remaining 15 gaming tokens;


  • None of the 18 gaming tokens can be staked outside Splinterlands in the way we can stake HIVE or LEO.

However, SPS can be staked in-game. Thanks to @freedomprepper for the clarification


  • None of the 18 gaming tokens can be delegated

Liquidity Pools or Diesel Pools

Of the 18 gaming tokens, 3 take part in liquidity pools or diesel pools: DEC, SPS, and VOUCHER.

SPS also shares a pool with SPT, the blogging token.

Listed below are the pools containing DEC, SPS. or VOUCHER:

Gaming TokenBase TokenQuote Token

(R) = there are liquidity pool (LP) rewards

The 18 gaming tokens were issued by @steemmonsters. The Website URL is

Token [Logo] Symbol Token NamePrice[*] USD (SWAP.HIVE)Supply (Circulating / Total / Max)Precision
2 TRACT logo TRACT Splinterlands Land Tract$6884.626
1,500 / 1,500 / 2,0000
3 TOTEME logo TOTEME Splinterlands Epic Totem$1356.6763
1,000 / 1,000 / 10K0
4 TOTEML logo TOTEML Splinterlands Legendary Totem$1174.64355
222 / 222 / 2,0000
5 PLOT logo PLOT Splinterlands Land Plot$731.51939
100K / 100K / 100K0
6 ALPHA logo ALPHA Splinterlands Alpha Pack$537.90573
6,485 / 300K / 300K0
7 TOTEMR logo TOTEMR Splinterlands Rare Totem$336.33965
5K / 5K / 50K0
8 BETA logo BETA Splinterlands Beta Pack$152.36591
33,189 / 900K / 900K0
9 ORB logo ORB Essence Orbs$136.96723
10,707 / 200K / 200K0
10 TOTEMC logo TOTEMC Splinterlands Common Totem$89.18319
25K / 25K / 250K0
11 SLDICE logo SLDICE AZMARE Dice$77.82227
10,658 / 300K / 300K0
12 UNTAMED logo UNTAMED Splinterlands Untamed Booster Pack$68.96887
77,546 / 1.5M / 1.5M0
13 VOUCHER logo VOUCHER Splinterlands Voucher$18.12166
1M / 1M / 9,007,199,254,740,991.000 (over 9 quadrillion (9Q))3
14 CHAOS logo CHAOS Splinterlands Chaos Legion Booster Pack$11.92333
33,333 / 33,333 / 15M0
15 SPS logo SPS Splintershards$0.53526
200M / 200M / 9007199254740991.00000000 (over 9Q)8
16 DEC logo DEC Dark Energy Crystals$0.01064
1,395,891,563.124 (less than 1.4B) / 2,768,313,124.871 (less than 2.8B) / 9T3
17 REGION logo REGION Splinterlands Land Region-- (--)150 / 150 / 2000
18 [No Logo] SECTOR Splinterlands Land Sector-- (--)0 / 0 / 1000
19 [No Logo] ZONE Splinterlands Land Zone-- (--)0 / 0 / 1K0

Descriptions and Comments about the Gaming Tokens from the DEX


Eact TRACT token represents a claim to a tract of land (100 contiguous plots) in the Splinterlands land presale.


Splinterlands epic totem claim token


Splinterlands legendary totem claim token


Each PLOT token represents a claim to a single plot of land in the Splinterlands land presale.


Each ALPHA token represents one, unopened Splinterlands Alpha Edition booster pack.


Splinterlands rare totem claim token


Each BETA token represents one Splinterlands Beta Edition booster pack.


Each ORB token represents one, unopened, promotional Splinterlands Essence Orb booster pack.


Splinterlands common totem claim token


Each SLDICE token represents one, unopened, Splinterlands AZMARE Dice booster pack.


Each BETA token represents one Splinterlands Beta Edition booster pack.

This looks like a copy and paste error on the Hive Engine or DEX side; more research is needed here.


Voucher tokens for the purchase of Splinterlands Chaos Legion presale booster packs. Stake SPS at to earn yours!


Splinterlands Chaos Legion booster pack


~No Description~


Dark Energy Crystals are the in-game currency token for Splinterlands. Earn them through gameplay or by sacrificing unworthy cards in your collection, and then use them to buy all sorts of great items in the shop!


Each REGION token represents a claim to a land region (1000 contiguous plots) in the Splinterlands land presale.


~No Description~


~No Description~

Top-line banner for SplinterTalk

The 3 Unofficial Player Support Tokens

Details To Get Out of the Way:

Token Precision

  • 8 Decimal Places -- SPF, DECR, and SGT;


TokenStakeable?Unstaking CooldownTransactions
SGTYES7 days4


TokenDelegatable?Undelegating CooldownTransactions
SGTYES7 days1

Liquidity Pools or Diesel Pools

None of the 3 player support tokens is part of a liquidity pool.


Token [Logo] Symbol Token NamePrice[*] USD (SWAP.HIVE)Supply (Circulating / Total / Max)IssuerWebsite URL
20 DECR logo Dark Energy Crystals Rewards$0.00081
100K / 100K / 100M@geraldine04
21 SGT logo SGT Splinter Games Token$0
0 / 0 / 500M@chansetheguy
22 [No Logo] SPF SplinterLandsFan$0.04056
100K / 100K / 10M@alikcrs

Prices are as of midday EDT, 26 October 2021

Descriptions about the Tokens from the DEX


Currently the info dialog box for DECR shows this description:

1. Step working in rewards program for players. 2. Be rewarded for holding shares.

At the time I was compiling my spreadsheet for Hive Engine data so I could search for content found in the info dialog boxes, this was the description for DECR:

List of token holders will be update daily. Top 10 token holders will share price pool monthly. We will start with 1000DEC pool and 2000SIM pool. DEC and SIM pools will increase daily until last day of the month.*** PLEASE JOIN US ON DISCORD***


The official token for the Splinter Games ecosystem.


~No Description~

Comments about the 3 Player Support Tokens

Comments about DECR

DECR may be real; at publishing time I'm still awaiting confirmation YEA or NAY.

In a comment I made to the post by "@"pinkfloyd878 at the time I noted this:

... at least 18 people appear on the Rich List, and there has been recent (if sporadic) activity at according to LeoDex. However, the link given by Hive Engine for more information about DECR appears to be outdated. Hive Engine shows that "@"geraldine04 issued or made DECR.

Comments about SGT

SGT is a token created by "@"chansetheguy for use at the Discord server noted later in this comment.

While I was doing research and discovered the post by "@"pinkfloyd878, "@"chansetheguy gave me some context regarding SGT. This comment comes from his reply to my comment to "@"pinkfloyf878:

The Splinter Games Token is not affiliated with Splinterlands but is a token I created to lock up the name in case I want to use it in a future system for the Splinter Games discord.

Splinter Games is a Discord based service designed for Splinterlands players to hangout, chat, and wager DEC or SPS against other players who want to do the same! It contains a variety of activities such as real in-game Splinterlands matches, dice roll style betting, and paper-rock-scissors style betting. All activities available through the service are created to be played by players against other players, rather than against the house. There is also a faucet system which allows any registered player to earn free DEC and/or SPS!

If you or anyone else reading this is interested; please check us out!

Comments about SPF

SplinterlandsFan (SPF) appears to be a player support token which is unaffiliated with Splinterlands. However, if the post by "@"pinkfloyd878 is correct, SPF could be a scam token:

Why is this a scam?
Brand new token, no official announcement from "@"splinterlands or "@"aggroed

"@"alikcrs is the issuer of the token... Please reply here if I got this wrong and its not a scam.

(Un-mentions added)

Just My Two Sats

All Splinterlands players need DEC and SPS to play the game immediately. It takes a while to earn enough to buy the other tokens, although airdrops are available to help accelerate the earnings process.

Liqidity pools exist for the blogging token SPT and the gaming tokens DEC, SPS, and VOUCHER. Other pools may be created as needed, and the old-timers among us may know if pools had existed for other gaming tokens and they dried up.

The 18 gaming tokens are cannot be staked, and they cannot be delegated.

While this post is not meant to be comprehensive, it puts in one place many details concerning the official (and unoffical) tokens for Splinterlands.

While any of the gaming tokens can be purchased or earned, there may be other ways they can be acquired. For any details or insights into the gaming tokens which should be added to this post, feel free to add them in the comments.

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Great post! Lots of good info. I have been wondering, what is THIS SPS token?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta


It looks as if there are 2 SPS out there. Before I clicked the link you provided, I did went to Presearch to search for "coingecko sps". Most links are actually for Splinterlands version of SPS.

However, one link came up for something called "Share Public System". CoinGecko says this SPS coin is inactive, and that seems to be the case.

The website link given to CoinGecko for the inactive SPS is a domain which used to belong to the coin, but these days it's pointing to either a Chinese or Japanese porn site. I didn't see any recognizable Hiragana or Katakana characters minxed with the Kanji, so I wasn't able to differentiate between Chinese or Japanese.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta


Hey, I didn't know splinterlands had so many tokens, I thought there were SPT, DEC and SPS.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta


Those 3 tokens you mentioned are the ones available to everyone, and both DEC and SPS are needed to play the game. The other tokens are more like add-ons or higher-level investments. To get those, a player has to do a lot of playing.

You need the equivalent of anywhere from 2 ETH to 2.5 ETH to buy 1 TRACT, and it has to be quantity 1. I'm sure there are players who have at least 1 TRACT, but it's not something they picked up from winning 6 battles.

As for things like the 4 TOTEMx tokens and the SLDICE, it looks to me as if they are similar in purpose to owning hotels on properties in Monopoly: whatever would happen normally without them becomes more costly when it happens with them in the game or battle.

I don't play the game, so I'm only guessing. I'm just trying to come up with a reason for spending large sums of HIVE or SPS on them. Then again, maybe those more expensive tokens exist are investment vehicles for non-players. I'll figure it out some day.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta


So many tokens. Wait until Land goes live, then we get tons more.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta


LAND, or PLOT? LAND isn't a Splinterlands token. Or is LAND a prelude to something bigger elsewhere in Hive?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta


No, I mean the land expansion of Splinterands, with the PLOT, TRACT and REGION tokens.


Ah, OK. Thanks for the clarification. Those will see lots of activity, especially the Ethereum-priced TRACT (2.0 to 2.5 ETH).

It looks as if these are NFTs, so they will be treated as NFTs by most people. I'm still trying to figure out the ins and outs of DEC and SPS, so I have these questions regarding PLOT, TRACT, REGION, etc.:

  • Why should I care about PLOT, TRACT, REGION, etc.? (They must be useful otherwise they would not have been created; so why were they created?)
  • How do these token improve the game?
  • What does a player have to do to earn them or buy them?

BTW-- would you be able to point me to a source or sources of info giving more information about those tokens? All I know is what I saw at Hive Engine and Tribaldex, and the descriptions for those tokens didn't really explain anything.

Thanks in advance. !LUV and !PIZZA

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta


Splinterlands makes it easy to earn on a daily .


Posted Using LeoFinance Beta


Splinterlands makes it easy to earn on a daily .

-- Only if you know what you're doing!

Splinterlands is for many kinds of people across all backgrounds except for one kind: the ignorant.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta


I think, you made an honest mistake here. SPS ist stakeable ingame, but you wrote, SPS along with the other 18 game-related tokens are not stakeable.

Other than that, this is an awesome post. Thank you very much.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta


I'm fuzzy on Splinterlands in general, so the mistake was bound to happen. I'm surprised that's the only substantial mistake there was.

When I said that SPS is not stakeable, I based it on this dialog box I saw at Tribaldex for SPS:


I didn't realize that staking could be done inside the game. I thought that was a general wallet function on Hive.

So even if SPS can't be staked from a Hive Engine wallet, it can be staked within the environment provided by the game. Is that correct?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta


Yes, exactly. And the current APR is at 54,81%. I make a screenshot from the ingame-staking process.


This is, how it looks.