Using dragon summoner QUIX in ruleset of silenced summoners

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What’s up my fellow splinterlands warriors!

I hope all of you are having an awesome day and also enjoying the game at it’s best. The time seems to passing by faster as it feels only a little time since the last last season ended but we are actually in the middle of this current splinterlands season with only 8 days left to for this current one to end.


On the other hand and as promised, within last 24 hours splinterlands has published 2 very very important posts in their official hive handle - one about the upcoming Riftwatchers packs and the second one is the first official post about the most awaited upcoming brand new game - Splinterlands Tower Defence. I guess These 2 shocking update overnight have stunned out almost all the splinterlands players across the globe. I have already read both of them posts and going to wrote a specific blog about these 2 updates tomorrow most probably, so stay tuned!

Now, let me walk towards my main theme of this post as today, I am going to showcase another amazing Splinterlands Chaos Summoner with you all and this time, I have chosen the Legendary Dragon summoner QUIX THE DEVIOUS as you have already guessed from the thumbnail! 🫠



QUIX is the legendary summoner of Dragon Unit, which belongs to Chaos Group of Monsters in Splinterlands. This Summoner needs a total of 4 mana to join any battle. Looks like a demon child, This Summoner may promote a deep hunger for mana and it dreams became obsessed with magic. but the images he saw is it dreams became clearer and it witness great dragon. But it has something against range monsters as they always become weak against him. Let us now take a deep look into it’s overall stats and abilities tier wise at below.



On the first stage of upgradation, this monster may carry max level 1 legendary monster, level 2 Epic monster, Level 2 rare monster, Level 3 common monsters in battlefield. This Summoner needs only 1 BCX card to become a bronze level.


On this later stage of upgradation, this monster may carry max level 2 legendary monster, level 3 Epic monster, Level 4 Rare monster and level 5 common monsters in battle. This monster needs total 3 legendary summon BCX cards to reach into this stage.


This legendary summoner needs a total of 6 legend cards to reach into this stage of upgradation. On this stage, this summoner may carry legendary level 3 monster, level 5 Epic monster, Level 4 Rare monster, Level 8 common monsters in the battlefield.


This Summoner needs a total of 11 legendary summoner cards to reach into this Max stage of upgradation. On This maximum stage, this monster may carry all max cards - level 4 Legendary monster, level 5 Epic monster, Level 6 Rare monster, Level 8 common monsters into the battlefield.


  • This legendary summoner needs only 4 mana to join as a commander summoner for your battle and you can use this summoner in small mana limit and in little league matches.
  • This Summoner has the ability to decrease the Ranged power of the enemy monsters -1 and thus, it certainly becomes super useful against ranged monsters.
  • This Summoner also has another ability to decrease the speed of enemy monsters -1. For this point, this becomes very useful to reduce your enemy speed and help your own monsters to attack faster. However, in reverse speed ruleset matches, it’ll go against you by reducing enemy monster’s speed so keep that in mind.



It's A Legendary Summoner of Dragon Unit and it normal foil card price is starting from around $17.69/bcx. If you want to buy the max level of this Summoner than you have to pay around $150. On the other side, the gold foil price is around $157 for level 2 Summoner and f you want to buy the full gold foil pack of this Summoner than you have to pay around $1500.

Battle Line-up



Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 29

Splinters allowed: Fire, Earth, Death and Dragon.


Silenced Summoners - Summoner monsters will not apply buff / debuffs in this battle.



On the very first position of my lineup, I placed this legendary giant defensive melee monster which will protect me with his big amount of health + void ability. This monster has 3 melee attack at 1 speed and 14 health along with the Void and Inspire ability.



On the second position, I placed this Giant killer monster as one of my main attackers for this match because of it’s high melee attack + double strike combo. This monster has 4 melee attack at 3 speed with 7 shield and 8 health along with Reach, Double Strike and Shield ability.



I placed this low mana melee monkey monster On the third position of my lineup,. This monster has 1 melee attack at 5 speed and 3 health along with Repair and Swiftness ability which helps me to increase my friendly monsters speed and also repair their broken armours if any.



On my fourth position, I placed this melee Monster to kill the enemy low health carrier or wounded monsters. This monster has 2 melee attack at 5 speed and 3 health along with the Opportunity and Shatter ability.



At the Fifth position of my lineup, I placed monster with opportunity ability t bring even more harm. This monster has 4 melee attack at 6 speed and 3 health along with Opportunity and Poison ability.



On the very last position, I placed this Ranged monster which has 2 ranged attack at 6 speed and 5 health along with the Backfire and Swiftness ability which proved to be very useful in battles.




As the match got revealed and After all the monsters on field got all their abilities and disabilities, my Naga Assassin strikes at first towards the Enemy Xenith monk. After that, my Serpentine also damaged enemy Xenith monk followed by my Ram monster which damaged the enemy Mycelic monster and my Carnage Titan then destroyed enemy Xenith monk's shield along with health. After this, the enemy monsters Tower Griffin and Vampire blossom damaged my Tusk the Wide. Next, the enemy Xenith monk damaged my Tusk the Wide and then the enemy monster Orc sergeant damaged my Tusk the Wide. After that, my Tusk the Wide damaged enemy Xenith monk and next, the enemy Doctor Blight destroyed my Tusk the Wide.



On the second round, first my Naga Assassin destroyed the enemy Xenith monk and my Serpentine also destroyed enemy Mycelic monster. Then my Ram monster missed his attack towards enemy tower Griffin. After that, my Carnage Titan damaged enemy Orc sergeant monster followed by the enemy Monsters Tower Griffin and Vampire blossom both of which damaged my Carnage Titan. Next, the enemy monster Doctor Blight damaged my Carnage Titan and the round ended here.



On the third round started, my Naga Assassin attacked and damaged enemy Orc sergeant monster. My Serpentine then destroyed the enemy Orc sergeant monster. after that, my Ram monster damaged enemy Tower Griffin followed by My Carnage Titan missed his attack this time towards enemy Tower Griffin. Next, the enemy monsters Vampire blossom and Doctor Blight damaged my Carnage Titan and the third round ended here.



On this round, at first my Carnage Titan took damage from Poison effect and After that, my Naga Assassin and Serpentine destroyed enemy Tower Griffin monster. Next, my Ram monster damaged enemy Vampire blossom. Now, This time my Carnage Titan destroyed enemy monster Vampire blossom and then The enemy Doctor Blight destroyed my Carnage Titan and the fourth round ended here.



On the fifth round, at first my Naga Assassin damaged the enemy Doctor Blight and after that, my monster Serpentine and Flame Monkey damaged enemy Doctor Blight Monster. Next, my Ram monster also damaged enemy Doctor Blight and followed by the enemy Doctor Blight which then destroyed my Flame Monkey.



This was the last round of this match and In this round, at first my Naga Assassin and than my Serpentine attacked one by one and destroyed the last enemy Doctor Blight and I won the match.


Well, it was really an interesting match of silenced summoners ruleset match and both of the lineups were strong and strategic. But gladly, as I chose dragon summoner QUIX and got able to at least choose 2 important dragon monsters into my lineup, they overkilled the opponent all together easily and helped me score another win in ranked leaderboard. Now, it’s your turn to tell me if you really like this new chaos summoner and use it in battles or consider other summoners over it. Let me know in the comments below and I will be seeing you all in my next post!

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

Thanks for visiting my post. Please come again!

Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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