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Splinterlands this is your practice game. You'll being playing the real version at the end of the 3pm central daily live stream if you're name is drawn. We draw multiple names! Right now each successful match on stream is worth 100 DEC and you get to keep going after you make a match until you don't make a match. Then the next player gets to take over where you left off.

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P.S. Free DEC drawings go all stream to see who faces the mighty wheel of death.

Resources for Splinterlands Players:
Absolutely awesome for new players and advanced!

Splinterlands Beginner's Guide
Find an explanation of all splinterlands abilities
Building Your First Deck I
How to Build Your Splinterlands Collection and Be on the Way to Winning
What is power and how to get more in splinterlands
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Climbing the Season End Rewards Ladder on a Budget

Top Secret Advanced Players:
Card Usage and Win Rates
Reward Cards Data
The Math Behind Hits and Misses
What monsters have what ability when?
Do Two Quests with One Day of Renting!

More Useful Splinterlands Info

Turning DEC into USD
How to quickly and easily use WAX

The Colosseum Calls You Splinterlands $1,150.00 in Prizes
Why go to the Colosseum?
What are Colosseum Coins?
The Story of the Colosseum Coins

Making Splinterlands Posts:
Making Your Own Splinterlands Posts

Looking for a Guild?

How to Reach Me
Instagram Marcuswahl1

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