Splinterlands Amazing Battles – Streets of Rage!

Welcome, Splinter people to another Amazing Battle!


Today we’ll be going over a fascinating battle in a Bronze league, Gold Foil, Modern format tournament.

Mana: 15, low mana battle.

Available splinters:

Life, Fire, and Death.


Holy Protection (all monsters have the divine shield ability) and Spreading Fury (all monsters have the Enrage ability).

Our opponent for this battle is @conan123.

In this battle, we go with the Fire splinter as it gives us access to the summoner Pyre (+1 speed).


This synergizes with the Enrage ability, making our monsters even faster when damaged.

Our team: Scorch Fiend, Fineas Rage, Battering Ram, and closing with Serpentine Spy.

We choose a very high initiative team to maximize the effects of Enrage.

Lower initiative monsters have an increased chance of missing when trying to hit a higher initiative target like ours.

This compounds with the init bonus from enraging.

As we are all melee, if our monsters get damaged, we get a 50% extra attack aside from the increased speed.

Let’s see what our opponent has in store for us!

Summoner: Lorna Shine (All the team gets Divine Shield).


Opponent’s team: Blinding Reflector, Stitch Leech (Sneak), Dax Paragon (Amplify), Celestial Harpy ( Flying, Opportunity), and closing with Herbalist (Cleanse).

We first notice that our opponent’s summoner’s ability (Divine shield to the team) gets wasted as the rules already give everybody Divine Shield.

As this is a Gold Foil event, not everybody can access all the summoners.

Also, all our opponent’s monsters are low initiative (2 and even 1).

So we have an advantage here, not only striking first but having extra chances to evade due to higher speed overall on our monsters.

Let’s go to the match!

Click on the image below to watch the fight:

Round 1:

We strike first as expected, remove three divine shields and manage to get one damage on the Herbalist.

Our Fiend gets removed, but that was his role, to soak some damage. But our speed advantage starts to crystallize.

The enemy misses two hits, one on the Serpentine Spy and the other on Fineas Rage.


Round 2:

The Herbalist goes down fast before striking!

But the opposing team removes our Battering Ram and manages to do some damage to Fineas Rage.

Activating the enrage and making him a 3 attack 9 initiative beast! 2 vs. 4, we are a little outnumbered here.


Round 3:

Our team swiftly removes the tank in front.

The Celestial Harpy enrages our Serpentine Spy with one damage, making it 3 attack and 8 speed.

Our team is all furious at this point.


Round 4:

Phineas removes the shield on the Leech, and the Serpentine Spy deletes Dax Paragon.

The enemy team misses all attacks this round.


Round 5:

Our team deletes the Leech quickly, and the Harpy misses Fineas again.


Round 6:

Our team misses all the attacks due to the Harpy being a flyer! Plot twist there.

Our Fineas tanks have some more damage from the Harpy.


Round 7:

Fineas removes the Divine Shield from the Harpy, and the Spy finishes it in a single blow. Victory for our team!


Wow, a very long battle for this low mana setting. It’s imperative to be aware of the little combos that arise from the rules of the match.

Spreading fury is good with high initiative monsters, and speed boosts such as Swiftness and debuffs like slow.

Again, this makes our monsters harder to hit and makes all melee attack ones harder when damaged.

See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @conan123

Thanks for reading

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Images: @splinterlands


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