Earth Element Daily Quest

I am comfortable in using the Earth Element in matches especially in using Obsidian as my summoner giving a +1 to magic attacks to a mostly Magic attack-focused lineup.

I would usually have the Regal Peryton as a tank with its flying ability on lower mana games and the Mycelic Slipspawn for higher mana games.


Seeing the line up of the enemy getting a +1 armor buff summoner has already have its advantage negated since most of mt damage are magic based.

The enemy looked to make use of its tank with its thorns skill as a means to drop tanks and melee monsters but since mine uses magic again their is no advantage to this and it quickly fell.

The life sapper even with the added hp it had stolen quickly fell when it was in melee range.

From the loaned cards in order to give me a 4000 CP was a lot of neutral cards and I definitely love using the Halfing Alchemist as it has 1 armor and 1 life and is range attack as well as the Halving Skill which halves the attack power of enemy monsters.

So another win and another step closer to Silver!