Sneaking a win and onwards to Silver 3 | Daily Sneak Spliterlands quest

I am currently in Bronze 1 and trying to get into Silver 3 in two more days. Hopefully, I can secure enough win streaks to get there.


When I saw the cards of the enemy and saw two gold foil ones I have to admit that I was abit worried but in closer inspection I saw that he only had two that would deal damage and the rest was really to be able to buy enough time to kill off my monsters.

The summoner he used did not affect me while mine boosted my monsters with a +1 to magic attack.

The tank was a War Chaang with the retaliate skill which was useless since my attack was magic. It had a hefty HP of 8 though and then that familiar Twisted Jester in the backline with its snipe and the rounds explosive skill could potentially wipe out a few of my backline.

With it killing my goblin sorcerer in the 2nd round made it possible for it to survive to the very end.

One thing that was a big advantage to me was the blast skill given the round as it helped whittle down the HP of the creatures that had the scavenge skill otherwise I think I would have lost this match.