Sneaking some wins | Daily Splinterland Quest

Having the Sneak skill was the daily quest for today and I just had the creature in mind to use.

I am really partial to the Death Element. When Splinterlands was starting in Steemit I was in a team that was supposed to write the lore for the summoners and creatures released during the first phase for the Death Element.

Alas time constrainst and not being able to fully flesh out the world made it difficult for my team to submit our piece but still it was a great experience.


I was going to use the Twisted Jester as my monster with the sneak skill and with my constant Haunting Spirit as the tank.

Debuffing the enemy with a minus -1 to melee meant that I should be able to survive a couple of rounds by healing.

The enemy was using a summoner that buffed up speed and armor as well as having a healer and an armor repairer.

The tank would be handful with its dodge ability and high speed and a deep lurker at the back with a 6 health and armor meant it could survive a few rounds.

The Deep Lurker quickly killed off my Jester and was able to survive till round 5. While it killed a couple of my monsters it never targeted my Haunting Spirit tank which meant that it was able to trade blows with the Serpent of Eld Tank without interruptions.

Having killed the Deep Lurker it was just a matter of time for its tank to die as I still had three monsters that were dishing damage and it could not heal, dodge or repair enough to be able to tank the damage.

I was a bit worried that I might lose but in the end I was still able to win this match.

If I was going to change anything with how the enemy positioned it would have been to put the Deep Lurker safe in the middle as it would continue to kill off the backline until all what remained was the Haunting spirit