Hello Friends! I decided to finally update my profile and what I do! For those who stumbled upon this by sheer chance let me tell you a bit about myself. Who am I? A Full Stack Web Developer that makes and designs scalable applications and websites and programs. I also am a content creator on Twitch! I make videos of the video games I play (such as but not limited to Final Fantasy XIV, Minecraft (w/ mods), Old-school RuneScape, Overwatch and of course crpyto games). Twitch.tv/yourdestinyis Obviously, by that, you could probably tell I am an avid gamer, but when I am not doing either of those things and need another creative outlet I also am a freestyle lyrical rapper, I post occasional videos on YouTube of such. In between and above all of these things I am a parent of a child. As you may or may not know it takes a village. The money made from here and other "tips"/subscriptions YOU give, benefits the community we have by allowing me to do giveaways and upgrade necessary items to make these great things available to you! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Dezzi cash app: $dezzikitty Thank you for your support! ♥ Peace & Kindness Dezzi