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I'm using the SplinterStats Season Report Card tool to assess my Splinterlands performance throughout the last season. It's very useful, because it tells you exactly how well you battled and how much you earned. My hope is that it will push me to level up my competitive skill over time!

Match Report


RankChampion #3848Silver #1647
Rating3700 - Champion III1000 - Silver III
Rating High37601000
Ratio (Win/Loss)1.06 (173/163)1.91 (21/11)
Longest Streak68

Wild (using a bot):

  • + I had the rank of 3848, which happily puts me in the top 5000.
  • + I got into the Champion III league, which overshot my goal of making Diamond I.
  • + I was happy to see that I had a winning record this season, with a win ratio of 1.06.
  • + It appears that I enjoyed a modest winning streak of 6 battles.


  • + I ranked 1647, which nicely puts me in the top 2000.
  • + I got into the Silver III league, which was my goal for this season.
  • + I was pleased to see that I had a winning record this season, with an impressive win ratio of 1.91!
  • + It appears that I enjoyed a decent winning streak of 8 battles.

Rewards Report

Earnt Tokens (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsTokens Received
194✨ 84 Glint + ⭐13.534 SPS

Glint season rewards will show in the season they are claimed.

My season rewards:

  • - I won ✨ 84 Glint this season - which failed to reach my goal of 3000 Glint.
  • - I earned ⭐13.534 SPS from ranked battles - which fell short of my 50 SPS goal.

⭐ SPS Report

Type⭐ Amount
Staking Rewards4.778
Ranked Rewards as above13.534
Tower Defense8.916
NET SPS27.228

If you aren't already enjoying Splinterlands, use my referral link to start playing and earning today!

Posted using SplinterStats Season Report Card (Website|Blog).
This once a season tool for Splinterlands players provides a template to reflect on and share their performance, card usage statistics and rewards summary for the season. More features will be released in the future.
Follow @splinterstats and come visit us in Discord if you have any questions.


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