Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-10.512 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.091027 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-sekadx
Author reward: 15.486402 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-185
Author reward: 0.004431 SPT for mordikkio/re-vaynard86-seizhx
Author reward: 0.089240 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-seidfu
Author reward: 17.119440 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-184
Author reward: 0.097927 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-seh1fk
Author reward: 291.244498 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-183
Author reward: 0.098823 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-sefbza
Author reward: 0.000001 SPT for mordikkio/re-arc-echo-sed9pv
Author reward: 16.243167 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-181
Author reward: 0.096381 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-secnnh
Author reward: 21.729119 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-180
Author reward: 0.088749 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-seb429
Author reward: 43.375615 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-179
Author reward: 0.095005 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-se8uas
Author reward: 22.826609 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-178
Author reward: 0.084271 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-se781k
Author reward: 0.004707 SPT for mordikkio/re-vaynard86-se5yq3
Author reward: 0.079467 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-se5yqi
Author reward: 6.895414 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-177
Author reward: 0.000001 SPT for mordikkio/re-arc-echo-se5fc1
Author reward: 17.394155 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-176
Author reward: 0.085472 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-se3g2y
Author reward: 0.089233 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-se224i
Author reward: 7.905667 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-175
Author reward: 42.098258 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-174
Author reward: 0.086997 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-se0bew
Author reward: 0.000001 SPT for mordikkio/re-arc-echo-se0bf4
Author reward: 0.100556 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-sdxusa
Author reward: 25.621568 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-173
Author reward: 0.092688 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-sdw8tx
Author reward: 21.481943 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-172
Author reward: 0.090299 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-sdu7z9
Author reward: 17.909054 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-171
Author reward: 0.005272 SPT for mordikkio/re-vaynard86-sdt30q
Author reward: 0.091665 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-sdshqq
Author reward: 0.091075 SPT for mordikkio/re-maura-ramen-sdrv59
Author reward: 30.048806 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-170
Author reward: 90.556597 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-169
Author reward: 29.470943 SPT for mordikkio/splinterlands-giveaway-168
Author reward: 20.689260 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-167
Author reward: 310.940473 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-166
Author reward: 305.456851 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-165
Author reward: 0.005815 SPT for mordikkio/re-vaynard86-sdfyid
Author reward: 289.904769 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-164
Author reward: 21.405514 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-163
Author reward: 0.676639 SPT for mordikkio/re-kryptodenno-sdbhtf
Author reward: 17.311246 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-162
Author reward: 0.632272 SPT for mordikkio/re-kryptodenno-sdaj6p
Author reward: 45.732295 SPT for mordikkio/mordikkio-splinterlands-giveaway-161