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Splinterlands has done another update and with this, the players must be happy. We have been waiting to see some updates about the lands in the game and finally, we have it here starting with the claim of deeds in plots. This is a kind of beginning in the lands and there will be many more updates that we will be getting soon however it is a good start I believe.



It is good for the people who have been waiting for a long to have some update that how lands will execute in the game ecosystem. With this update, splinterlands has also given a signal that they are focusing more on development and now we will be getting more things developed on the platform. As of now, the only option is provided to claim our deeds, and then it will start earning some rewards in form of SPS as we do with the lands held in the game account.

These days the price for the lands is down and we can buy them from the open market in the hive engine but hopefully, we will have the option to buy in the portal soon. They have already edited an option with the called item on the website where we have three tires including cards land and others. Currently, we cannot buy any land using the in-game account but this should be available later.



With more development, we can also expect more people boarding to the game because this will give a great opportunity to the people, and they will be able to experience the new things in the game.
We have three components in the lands including plot tract and region. Now the land registration option is enabled for all these three types of tokens in the game, and we can do it for the entire year as per the update shared by the team. The plot is the cheapest thing that one can hold as of now else the tract and reasons are quite expensive because they are the bigger assets in the game.

I am excited for the further development where with these lands we will be able to form SPS as far as I understand. Lands assets we will be able to form while playing the game with cards as well. Hopefully, we are also going to get a documented process and how things will be unfolded later in the land because I am sure there are a lot of people who have no clarity that how it will be working in the future.

I have purchased some cards in the game account, and I am trying to see if I can rent them out because my cards are not enough as of now to start the battle and even my understanding is limited as far as the battle is concerned. I think the rental option will be good for me and my cards will start earning some DEC tokens for me. I am figuring out the best options to follow for the rental and hopefully I will be starting it in the next couple of days.

If you are not part of the game and want to join, then please join through my affiliate link-

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