Summoner & Monster level - a guide to help with renting level cards



As a beginner I know that most people like me would love to grind ratings and climb leagues for better rewards and if we look on tutorials or guides most of it recommends to rent card with good level. But one important thing you might miss as a beginner is the summoner level limit on different leagues and when you start using the high level cards you rented you'll see a yellow warning sign then when you hover on it, it says "This Monster's level is limited by the level of the currently selected Summoner. Level up your Summoner to use higher level Monster".


  • There's two types of card which is Monster and Summoner.
  • Leagues has level limit for Summoner.
  • Monster card level to be used in ranked battle depends on the Summoner level.


When you look at the stats of the summoner you'll see something like this which might confuse you at first so what this show is the list of the summoner level, number of cards to reach that level and the rest are the circular colors but it wasn't just a color it is the rarity of Monster card and below it are numbers which indicates the level allowed to be used on the corresponding level of the Summoner.

sample from rare summoner

Even I was confuse about that at first and having a hard time to keep on checking that before renting so on this blog I would like to share the table I've made.

Leagues Summoner Monster level.png


If you're wondering what I use to rent cards. I used Peakmonster and it is great on managing your cards as it provides more ways of filtering your cards or when you're going to rent cards in the market. What best about Peakmonster is you can rent multiple cards with just one click and it always put the lowest price first which you can easily add to cart and process the renting.

Also, Peakmonster offers an easy way to list all of the cards you owned, rented, delegated and on cooldown together with its level and power which can help you to easily manage your cards especially when end season is near and you're checking which cards gives you enough power for the league you want to achieve.


If you're looking for a guide to help you start playing ranked battle using just free cards -> Beginner's Splinterlands combo guide