Splinternews: The new collection power

For the longest time, we have been living in Splinterlands with the well known collection power. It is one of the 2 keys factors to determine how high you can go.


Let's say for champion league, you will need 250k collection power to even qualify for it. So even if you can hit 4k rating, you will still stuck in diamond league if you dont meet the necessary collection power.

SPS Staking: mordernizing Splinterlands

And Splinterlands is moving on to the next page where collection power is no longer relevant in SPlinterlands ecosystem. You will soon need SPS Staking as the replacement of collection power!! And of course, this will cause a lot of confusion. This is what was shown during the town hall.


So basically, what you can see now is that To achieve Champion 3, you will need 3700 rating and 241k SPS staking. For those that have not been preparing for the past 1.5 yrs, you may realised that you will have a huge shortfall in SPS staking. So it is naturally that this has created a lot of unpleasant feedback even from the maverick channel. Personally, i also felt that this SPS staking amount should be made known way earlier so it gave people more time to prepare as this may take years. I wont be surprised if some people, especially those top players are starting to feel the poor communication of Splinterlands and causing them to distant.

See SPS Staking as more of earning potential!!!

Someone actually shared this screenshot. There are a lot of information so I try to see if I can break down or focus for the reader to understand better.


As mentioned previously, Championship 3 need 241k SPS Staking. However, that is actually not a requirement but a recommendation. You dont really need 241k to reach Champion 3. You can need as low as 6.5k SPS staking to be in Champion 3.

Huh???!!! So what really is happening here? 241k or 6.5k SPS???!!!

Let me focus on the Champion 3 information from the above screenshot.

For Champion 3:
10% - 6513 SPS staking
50% - 48,200 SPS staking
80% - 120,500 SPS staking
90% - 166,648 SPS staking
100% - 241,000 SPS staking
110% - 378,719 SPS staking
120% - 723,000 SPS staking
130% - 3,133,044 SPS staking

So you can be in Champion 3 league but you are only earning like 10% of the rewards if you have 6.5k SPS staking only. So you can see the increment is exponential. So technically, you will be earning the best ratio at 10% so does this actually encourage people to stake less and spread out their SPS staking to earn more from different accounts?

Spreading SPS or consolidating SPS????

So let us have a look at the different league. Assuming you have 11k SPS, according to the 1st table, you will be at silver 1 with almost 100% rewards. However, if you advance to Gold 3, you will have 80% of the rewards. Given that gold chests will have 3-4x of silver chests, you can have an expected reward of 2x more rewards at gold than at silver. But what will it mean if you can diversify your 11k SPS into multiple accounts, would that be better for you??
With 11k SPS, you can split into 3 accounts to the following:

  1. 5k at Silver 2 with 100% rewards
  2. 5k at silver 1 with 80% rewards
  3. 1k at Silver 3 with 100% rewards
    NOTE: Let's assume that all silver chests give the same rewards.
    Naturally, you can see that account 2 is getting less daily rewards at only 80%. However, he can earn more End of season silver chests due to higher rshares. So in a way, we can actually predict that they can get quite similar outcome. If I am the one playing, I likely can get 9 silver chests for account 1 since I need to win more matches for the lower rshare as compare to account 2, account 2 can get like 11 chests while account 3 which is at silver 3 can maybe get like 6 chests. So in a day, I can get like 11(80%) + 9 + 6 = 24 silver chests which is more than double of 11 chests with 11k SPS staked for 100% rewards at silver 1. However, if you were to push the 11k SPS account to gold 3 at 80% payout, you will realised that the daily payout is almost the same since gold chests are worth 3-4x of silver chests. And your EOS chests will be in gold which means the EOS rewards of the 11k SPS account will get maybe 2x of EOS rewards for the 3 accounts given that 3 accounts will get close to twice in quantity for EOS chests over the gold league 11k account.

Small conclusion

Before I talk about the conclusion, I would like to highlight that a lot of details are still not firm up, like the silver 3 chests will it be the same as silver 1 chests, and how the 80% payout will affect the rewards are still yet to be confirmed. As such, this is not a financial advice and anyone should just take it with a pinch of salt.

Nevertheless, from the little above investigation, it seems like if you can jump to the next big league, the increased in expected earning from the chests can easily overshadow the drop in percentage for the reward. However, this can be quite equally on par if you split up the accounts to maximize the benefit. So if you are generally playing comfortable at any league 1, you can just focus on 1 account to go higher to the next league. Otherwise, you can consider to split into more accounts and aim for quantity. This will requires a lot more time so that is a huge decision factor if you choose to max the reward.


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