Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge: Crypt Beetle



Good day, friends! I'm in a great mood today, so I got out of the house to play and decided to take part in the new Share Youre Battle Weekly Challenge to try out the very underrated Crypt Beetle card.

This beetle has very good defense and melee and archer damage reduction for its low cost, so I often use it in battles with Little League or Sneak rules, where it can be used for long range and to protect my mages or archers.

screenshot 51.jpeg

But today I decided to test him as a tank and had a very fun fight against the elemental Dragons.

So, I chose the following strategy:

Owster Rotwell_lv3.pngOwster Rotwell summoner in case the opponent uses mages, and nicely return the damage dealt to my cards
Crypt Beetle_lv3.pngCrypt Beetle in first position, in case the opponent uses a weak tank.
The damage reduction ability comes in handy in these battles and allows him to last for a couple of turns, giving the other cards a head start.
Shadow Snitch_lv4_gold.pngShadow Snitch is the perfect attack card for the second position, and in my deck it's also a Gold Foil card, which is a big bonus :) We're playing and earning, aren't we?
Furious Chicken_lv3.pngFurious Chicken is in third position, just in case my opponent is stronger and my archer needs some defense.
Haunted Spider_lv4.pngRounding out the combo is my favorite archer, Haunted Spider. His ability to poison the enemy has helped me more than once when dealing with very strong opponents.

To my surprise, my opponent chose summoner, which gives cards the ability to fly, but put Djinn Chwala, which is a very dangerous card thanks to Thorns, and Creeping Ooze to slow down my cards.

But everything went according to plan, and even though Crypt Beetle misses frequently, it did a great job of keeping my opponent in check and letting my archer poison my opponent. Which, in fact, led to my victory.


screenshot 50.jpeg

Was happy to share my experience and hopefully new challenges will be just as exciting and thrilling.

The adventure continues!

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