Gladiator cards enter general play in splinterlands.



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Gladiators. Only for brawls???

Not any more.

Contrary to original plans and announcements from the team where gladiators were designed with the purpose of giving brawls a unique gameplay feel. They have recently changed those plans to include these overpowered cards in tournament and general play.

The cards themselves can only be earned through buying packs with merits that originally could only be earned through brawling but have now found themselves as rewards in the games loot chests.

If you have been playing splinterlands for a long time then I'm sure that you are well aware of brawls at this stage and have joined a guild.

If you haven't joined any guild yet and would like to join a competitive guild then we still have two spaces in my own guild "Dark Assassins" which you can find here.

I'm lucky to be part of a highly competitive guild that is earning a good few merits every time that we brawl and have started to fill out my Gladiator collection. With these latest updates they are going to play a very important part of the game.

Regular deck. Slowly but surely filling out the full collection and working towards maxing it.


Gold deck.

Gold will take a lot longer to fill out but it's not my main focus as we have a lot of good playing in the guild already that have gold cards.


Gladiator tournaments.

The first of these is coming up today at 8PM with a small prize pool.


But i'm sure that we will see more in the near future.

New rewards cards.

The upcoming set of reward cards will all have a new ability tied to the summoners called conscript.

Conscript is a new ability which will be available on Summoners only, and when a Summoner with the Conscript ability is chosen, it will allow the player to use one more Gladiator card in the battle than normal. This means that Gladiator cards will now be able to be played outside of brawls, including in ranked and tournament battles!

New rulesets.

On top of these new summoners there will be new conscript rule sets which will allow players to use their gladiator cards in general play as well.

We additionally plan to add a Conscript ruleset in the future which allows both players to play an additional Gladiator card in the battle. That means that in a Guild Brawl battle with the Conscript ruleset, if a player also uses a Conscript Summoner then they will be able to use three different Gladiator cards in that battle!

All in all the gladiator cards are going to play a big part in the game starting very very soon.

Anybody who isn't actively trying to build up their deck with these cards at the moment face an uphill battle when these new changes go into effect.

the fact that it's such a slow process to build up the deck with these makes them even more valuable to each player and nobody can buy their way to the top. They can only earn them through guilds and gameplay.

If you are part of Splinterlands and haven't begun collecting yet then we are always looking for good players to round out our team in my own guild "Dark Assassins" which you can find here. 1000 DEC per month contribution and completing your brawls are the only requirements to be part of the team.

If you haven't played Splinterlands.

If you haven't played the game before then now is the best time to join. Today is much better than tomorrow and a lot better than later.

Cards worth a few cents now will have a much higher value in the future as the print runs out. We have a strong community and seen this happen every time as it grows with the game.

Link to the game here,


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