Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week- 181// 10 Booster Pack Prize! today my drawing picture; creature name "Merdaali Guardian",


Hello friends how are you all.
I hope you are all well in the ego of God.I and your prayers and God's infinite mercy is good. I love to do art. I love to do make an art with pencil first.Today I am presenting to you a drawing Methods from the "Splinterlands Art contest! //week-181! today my Art card "Merdaali Guardian". I have try to best Art.


+ "Merdaali Guardian" This "Merdaali Guardian" man draws with a full pencil. "Merdaali Guardian" takes a lot of time to draw the man. I use a 4 size white page, a pencil, and a few color pencils. There are 7 colors used to draw the "Merdaali Guardian" person, namely: black, red, pink, yellow, green, azure blue, brown.

*This "Merdaali Guardian" man uses a full color of his head. This "Merdaali Guardian" man uses different colors between head hair and face. Black lips on the face, white color around the lips. I do. I paint my eyes black, white and brown. I dye my hair red, pink, brown, azure blue and yellow. I use boun, pink and azure blue on my neck.
**I paint the "Merdaali Guardian" man with my two hands and the whole chest with my hands. I paint this man with my two hands. I paint blue, brown, pink, yellow in the middle of the chest.


*** I dyed the lower garment on the waist of the"Merdaali Guardian" man. I dyed the front of the garment pink, I painted the sky blue, pink, and red on the back.

**** I paint the tail of this "Merdaali Guardian" man. Pink in front of the tail, azure blue in the middle, red, green, azure blue on the top, yellow in the middle. I have made another eight new posts. Thank you so much for that.


Splinterlands Art Contest here[https://hive.blog/hive-13323/@splinterlands/splinterlands-art-contest-week-181-10-booster-pack-prize]
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