Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Today my drawing picture "Chaos Dragon" .


Hello friends how are you all.
I hope you are all well in the ego of God.I and your prayers and God's infinite mercy is good. I love to do art. I love to do make an art with pencil first.Today i'm make "Chaos Dragon" picture. This picture i look from the splinterlands site. I love to do art.

+ "Chaos Dragon" This "Chaos Dragon" creature is drawn with a full pencil. It takes a long time to draw a "Chaos Dragon" creature. Let's finish drawing "Chaos Dragon" picture step by step. I use a white page size, a pencil, and a few colored pencils. There are 9 colors used to draw the "Chaos Dragon" creature, namely: Brown, Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Dark Brown and Pencil.

*"Chaos Dragon" I completely color the head of this "Chaos Dragon" creature. I use different colors between the head and the face of the "Chaos Dragon" creature. Let's paint red and yellow. I use pencil color red on the forehead, green, yellow, red color under the neck.

**"Chaos Dragon" I paint the two wings of this "Chaos Dragon" creature. Pencil color azure blue color between the two wings of "Chaos Dragon" creature. Yellow, green, azure blue, red color between the wings. So I like to see the dragon, so I paint two wings.

***"Chaos Dragon" I paint the body and front legs of this "Chaos Dragon" creature. I paint yellow and red between the nails on the front legs of this "Chaos Dragon" creature. I paint my body azure blue, green, yellow, red, brown.

****"Chaos Dragon" I paint the body and hind legs of this "Chaos Dragon" creature. I paint the body of the "Chaos Dragon" creature with red, brown, yellow, azure blue, and green in the horns. I paint my nails yellow and red. I paint my toes blue, red, green, brown and yellow. I paint my feet green, pink, dark brown and yellow like the road. I made a new eight post. I hope you like it. Thank you very much for supporting me.

Splinterlands social media challenge!
Splinterlands social media challenge.Here[https://hive.blog/hive-13323/@splinterlands/splinterlands-weekly-curation-challange-february-28-2021]


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