Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Today my drawing picture "Gram Flamblade" .


Hello friends how are you all.
I hope you are all well in the ego of God.I and your prayers and God's infinite mercy is good. I love to do art. I love to do make an art with pencil first.Today i'm make "Gram Flamblade" picture. This picture i look from the splinterlands site. I love to do art.

+ "Gram Flamblade" This "Gram Flamblade" man draws with a full pencil. "Gram Flamblade" man takes a lot of time to draw. I use a white page of size, a pencil, and a few colored pencils. There are 9 colors used to draw the "Gram Flammable" man, namely: black, white, red, pink, green, yellow, brown and pencil.

*"Gram Flamblade" I paint the head of this "Gram Flamblade" man completely. I use different colors between the head and face of the "Gram Flamblade" man. I paint my beard red. I paint the whole face green. Let's paint brown. I paint my head, ears and ears green. Green, azure blue, brown color in the berry like theft, red color in the theft.


**"Gram Flamblade" This "Gram Flamblade" paints the human body completely. "Gram Flamblade" paints the human chest red, green, azure blue, and white. Paint the waist belt red, yellow, brown and yellow. I use green, yellow, pink, brown and pencil colors.

***"Gram Flameblade" This "Gram Flamblade" man paints both hands and sword completely. "Gram Flameblade" paints black, brown, yellow, green, azure blue, pencil between the two hands of man. Pencil color, azure blue in the sword in hand , Yellow, and pink.

****"Gram Flamblade" I paint this "Gram Flamblade" man completely on both legs. I use pencil color and red color on the bottom of the shoes, green, red, pink color on the shoes. I use green, red, azure blue color on the clothes on the back of the body. I made a new eight post. I hope you like it. Thank you very much for supporting me.

Splinterlands social media challenge!
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