Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Today my drawing picture "Lyanna Natura".


Hello friends how are you all.
I hope you are all well in the ego of God.I and your prayers and God's infinite mercy is good. I love to do art. I love to do make an art with pencil first.Today i'm make "Lyanna Natura" picture. This picture i look from the splinterlands site. I love to do art.


+"Lyanna Natura" This "Lyanna Natura" woman draws with a full pencil. "Lyanna Natura" woman I finish drawing the picture step by step. The tools needed to draw this"Lyanna Natura" woman are: A 4 size white page, pencil, and a few colored pencils. To draw this"Lyanna Natura" woman, use 9 colors. Done, such as black, red, pink, yellow, green, blue, azure blue, brown and pencil colors.

Lyanna Natura.png


*I paint "Lyanna Natura" woman with her whole head."Lyanna Natura" woman uses different colors between her hair and face. I color my eyebrows black. I paint my forehead pink and my ears brown. I dye my hair brown on both sides of the head. On the left side, I dye the hair in front of the forehead green. I dye my hair azure blue in the middle. I use brown and green on the flower on the right side of the head. In this way I paint the head completely.


**"Lyanna Natura" I use different colors between the two hands and chest of the woman. I paint with a pencil on the fingers of one hand. I paint my arms pink, I paint my wrists yellow. I paint with fingers and pencil on the other hand, I paint green on the wrist of the hand. I paint my arms yellow. I paint between the leaves in the arms of both hands, I paint the leaves blue and pink in the arms of one hand. On the other hand, I paint the leaves brown and green. I paint my throat green. I paint green on one side of the chest and red on the other side.


***"Lyanna Natura"I use different colors in the clothes and belly of the woman. I paint yellow in the belly. I dress the clothes below the waist in green, azure blue, pink and brown. I paint the bottom of the dress brown, blue, yellow, green and azure blue.


****"Lyanna Natura" I dressed the woman below the knee and on both legs in different colors. I dyed the dress below the knee azure blue, yellow, brown and green. I paint my legs green and white. I paint pencils on my toes. I do light azure blue color on the sandals of the feet. I have posted another eight. I hope you will like it. Thank you very much for supporting me.


Splinterlands social media challenge!
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