My Splinterlands Gold III Daily Quest Rewards (10/05/22)


Hello all you SplinterFans,

09/05/22 was a disappointing day, without a completed Daily Quest (DQ), there was no rewards.

10/05/22 was a little more entertaining, completing the DQ I failed to achieve on the previous day with another one to boot.


Don't ya just love those Epic drops, a Djinn Renova is none too shabby. With 14 DEC and some trash cards to sell at approx 12 DEC each, quite a haul.

I still remember my Bronze days, you were lucky to get a card and no DEC.

But then crypto is so full of ups and downs, both on the micro and macro levels, one minute no rewards, the next 2 lots at once. One minute SPS is up, next it's following BTC.

The second set of reward chests were less impressive, but we have to remember that some people are getting very little, so we should count our blessings.


20 DEC and another trash card to sell.

Just to clarify my version of trash in this instance, these cards have had a long mint run. 1.1 Million and counting, at the moment they are selling for between 1.5 and 2 cents.

However these cards do have their merits and can be bought with Credits, so new players could use this to their advantage if they are patient, I know I bought a lot to get my Card Power (CP) up and I purchased some for 16 cents each.

I noticed the other day that when a card is at it's maximum level there is a 5% CP bonus. These Common Reward cards are 5 CP each and require 400 cards to get them to level 10 which would give them a CP of 2000, but if you look up a Level 10 in the Market you can see they are 2100 CP.

They have become a relatively cheap way of new players to get the card power to lift them to the top tier of Bronze League. If they invest in either time or money.

Entry to Bronze I requires 5000 CP.

Just two of these cards at level 10 would give the owner 4200 CP, leaving another 800 more CP to get into Bronze I. 800 CP at 5 CP a Common Reward card would require a further 160 cards at 2 Cents each, $3.20


Spellbook = $10
2 Level10 Common Reward Cards (800 Base Card Index (BCX) * 2 Cents) = $16
160 Common Reward Cards cards * 2 Cents = $3.20

That's entry into Bronze I with an up front investment of less than $30

This would be cheaper still if the 1.5 Cent cards were picked.

There aren't many NFT Play2Earn (P2E) games out there that are this cheap to get established.

I saw an advert on yesterday for an up and coming P2E game that required a $250 investment to get Common NFT('s) to play the game.

Well that's all for tonight.

Have fun,

@onw - Splinterlands
@b8l - https://RisingStarGame


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PS: If I have used a tag inappropriately, please let me know.

I do however reserve the right to privately sulk and lick my wounds :)


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