Chaos Legion What? The Philippines invade Splinterlands

Last Christmas season, Tata Conda, a community member of Splinterlands PH, must have thought that the season is not festive enough and decided to hold a Splinterland COSPLAY contest.


Cosplay you say? Wait, don't leave yet.

Its not just some random cosplay contest with magical girls and spiked haired, painted abs men.

Its the best kind of cosplay.

A LOW-COST COSPLAY. Check this out.


Chaos Agent.jpg


Creeping ooze.jpg

Dark Ferryman 2.jpg

Dark Ferryman.jpg

Dr Blight 2.jpg

Dr Blight.jpg

Elven Mystic.jpg

Hill Giant.jpg

Pelacor Arbalest.jpg

Prince Julian.jpg

Sand Worm.jpg

Swamp Thing.jpg

Undead Archer.jpg

Undead Priest.jpg

Venari Wavesmith.jpg

Wood Nymph.jpg

Tenyi Striker.jpg

Lord Arianthus.jpg

Filipino ingenuity at its finest!
(and a bit of DEC and Packs motivation, of course, lolol)

Take your pick!!!

The Filipino Splinterlands Community is ever expanding!

It's main facebook page, Splinterlands PH (, has over 40 thousand member with other alt communities for trading and guides boasting tens of thousands as well.

The p2p trading community is robust with admins offering midman services especially for large transactions. Contests like this are regular occurrences and the support to new members by veterans are overwhelming, in and out of the game.

As a natural disaster-prone country, the community also holds fundraisings to pool resources, cash or in-game assets, to donate to members of the community that needs it the most.

Filipinos are optimistic to the future of Splinterlands!

We love the game and will continue to keep on supporting the game, one LOW COST COSPLAY at a time.


This post was made with permission from the contest holder, Tata Conda.
Images used in this post must not be used in any other way with their permission.


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Nakakatuwa na may ganitong mga kaganapan sa group. Keep it up guys and have it posted here in peakd para ma support din ng ibang pinoy Hivers 😎


salamat po nang madami! :D tulot tuloy tayo mag popost ng ganto hehe